Shaw Contract Grain

Shaw Contract Grain
Shaw Grain and Shaw Grain Click luxury vinyl tile flooring is a truly extraordinary concept filled with fabulous floors that are extremely convenient for people who enjoy doing installations themselves. With each color or style comes a different yet refreshing take on luxury vinyl flooring. Each floor has an incredible realistic, wood look to it and yet it is a vinyl floor. With mesmerizing vibrant colors, this flooring concept is anything but typical. It is quite the opposite. It is an originator and break away from traditional flooring collections that aim to be average.

This exceptional flooring concept focuses on a modern and hip color scheme that brings excitement to every space. With the direct glue installation or click technology, it is both simple and dependable leaving you with a creative and beautiful floor you will be proud of. With an assortment of sizes and colors to choose from, it is not difficult to see why this flooring assemblage is adored. It is a perfect pairing of beauty and simplicity wrapped uniquely into one. So if you want something that makes a brazen statement, look no further. You simply cannot go wrong.

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