Raintree Nashville Scene Waterproof Hardwood

Raintree Nashville Scene Waterproof Hardwood
Raintree is known for its hybrid construction that offers you real hardwood flooring while at the same time providing you with floors that are made to last throughout the day to day wear and tear of modern living. With the innovative construction of Raintree flooring, you get waterproof flooring and indentation resistance while having the same authentic design and benefits of real hardwood. When it comes to having long-lasting, durable floors or having an authentic design style, you’ll never have to compromise when it comes to Raintree hardwood flooring. This product is revolutionary in the flooring industry. It is a hybrid of the best of the best when it comes to flooring.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing Raintree hardwood flooring for your space. This flooring is truly made to stand the test of time. Have pets? No problem. Raintree flooring is pet guard waterproof and scratch resistant. The flooring comes with a waterproof finish that protects the wood from spills, water, wear, and scratches. You’ll never have to worry about your pet accidently damaging your hardwood flooring. The hardwood wear lay is 1.2mm and offers a real wood look that is authentic. The core of the plank is 5mm and 100% waterproof. This gives the plank dimensional stability that is far greater than that of engineered wood and WPC. There is no glue on installation with these planks. Instead the planks click into place through precisely milled tongue and grooves for an easy installation process. Another benefit of these floors is the acoustical foam backing layer. This is a 1mm backing on the planks that reduce sound transmission. This also makes for a hardwood flooring experience that is more comfortable for your feet. This hardwood flooring is also easy to clean. Floors can be wet mopped without you having to worry about possible water damage.

The Collection

When it comes to design, you won’t have to compromise at all with the stunning collection. Inspired by iconic cities across America, there’s a rich palette of colors in this collection that are sure to suit everyone. The layered stains and grain in the wood give the options in this collection an eye-catching look that is sure to elevate any space. Although the flooring in the collection can often look high maintenance, the flooring is in fact incredibly easy to maintain. With the Nashville Scene Series from Raintree flooring, you truly do get the best of both worlds.

This series of hardwood flooring series is inspired by the home of Country music, Nashville, Tennessee. The hickory hardwood in this series is sliced in Nashville. The hickory wood in this series provides a look that is both warm and inviting while keeping a look that is modern. The overall look is warm while still having an upscale, timeless look. Planks in this series are 7.5” wide with random lengths of up to 75”. The beautiful hickory wood is lightly brushed with a matte sheen finish.

The Nashville Scene Series consist of four hardwood flooring options. Firstly, there is the Hermitage . The Hermitage is a beautiful engineered hardwood floor that comes in a deep brown color. This hardwood flooring option is sure to add warmth and coziness to any space. Music Row is a lighter flooring option in this collection. With a modern grade it doesn’t feel too rustic and still manages to have the feel of tradition hardwood floor. Old Hickory has unique marking in the wood with a modern grade. The wood has an authentic look about it with a range of light to dark browns. It is sure to make any space feel inviting and clean while still maintaining a modern appearance. Lastly, Printer’s Alley includes a range of rich colors. From hints of red to a blend of browns, this is a warm and bold flooring choice that is sure to elevate any space.

When it comes to an authentic design that is both rustic, yet modern, this is the perfect collection. For more Raintree hardwood flooring options check out the Aspen Estate and Laguna Vibes series .

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