Raintree Aspen Estate Waterproof Hardwood

Raintree Aspen Estate Waterproof Hardwood
The Aspen Estate Series is inspired by the beautiful ski resort town of Aspen in Colorado. The series is a style combination of authentic wood characteristics mixed with a more refined style. Snow-dusted grains add color dimension and an air of lightness to the hardwood. The series is full of warm and cool tones that offer any space an air of warmth. The series is made up of European White Oak. Planks are 7.5” wide with the lengths being at random up to 75”. The wood is lightly brushed with a matte sheen.

The Benefits

Raintree hardwood flooring offer the best of both worlds when it comes to hardwood floors. You can get the authentic look and feel of hardwood flooring all the while having the protective benefits of waterproof and resilient flooring. Your flooring is protected from spills, water, general wear, and scratches. You can rest easy knowing that your hardwood floors will be looking their best for many years to come. The hardwood wear lay is 1.2mm and offers a real wood look that is authentic. The core of the plank is 5mm and 100% waterproof. This gives the plank dimensional stability that is far greater than that of engineered wood and WPC. There is no glue on installation with these planks. Instead the planks click into place through precisely milled tongue and grooves for an easy installation process. Another benefit of these floors is the acoustical foam backing layer. This is a 1mm backing on the planks that reduce sound transmission. This also makes for a hardwood flooring experience that is more comfortable for your feet. This hardwood flooring is also easy to clean. Floors can be wet mopped without you having to worry about possible water damage.

The Collection

This beautiful hardwood flooring collection that is inspired by the Rocky Mountain town is made up of five different flooring options. Firstly, there is the Backcountry flooring option. This is a dusty brown color with hints of dark brown throughout. This creates a floor that feels very rustic and can give any space a cabin-like feel to it.

Secondly, there is the Castle Creek option. This hardwood flooring option consists of a beautiful light and bright grey toned floor. With a blend of different grey colors and hints of darker tones throughout, this is a flooring option that makes a space pop. Pair this hardwood flooring color with light and bright home décor and watch your space open up.

The Crevasse color option gives a space an elevated and sophisticated look. Hardwood flooring doesn’t always have to mean a rustic space. Oftentimes, wood can add a lot to a space that is more modern or luxurious. The Crevasse option is a wood with light tones of grey and brown. A perfect complement to more neutral furniture and home décor.

For a lighter color option with more warmth, consider the First Flurry . Reminiscent of coming back to a cabin after a long day out on the slopes in Aspen, this color is warm and inviting. The light brown wood opens up any space and the darker tones throughout give it a worn feel.

Lastly, there is the Roving Elk option. This hardwood flooring choice gives spaces with darker colors a modern, clean, and minimalistic feel. The wood flooring warms the space up while still being sleek and clean. Hints of lighter, almost grey color throughout the wood balance out the overall look and feel of the wood.

The Aspen Estate Series is a modern hardwood flooring collection. Perfect for those that want hardwood flooring in their space but still want to retain a modern look in their space.

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