Lauzon Essentials Yellow Birch

Lauzon Yellow Birch Natural Red Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon Ambiance Yellow Birch by Lauzon Flooring

is a clean, striking hardwood flooring collection that has taken yellow birch to the next level with its superior floors and excellent appearance for many applications in the modern home. This engineered and solid hardwood series is both classic and contemporary, offering colors with outstanding finishes ‒ suitable for any type of space; making this a popular hardwood choice. This Lauzon flooring series is attractive and wonderful, fitting any style to your personal tastes.

These quality floors by Lauzon flooring are designed to be abrasion resistant, allowing them to provide an excellent surface solution for years to come. These engineered and solid hardwood floors are also resistant to moisture, ensuring they provide a functional and good-looking visual for your home.

Lauzon Yellow Birch Colors

All the colors in the Ambiance Yellow Birch collection offer style and timeless appeal, which creates these floors to accentuate living spaces into pure beauty no matter the shade you choose to go with. The color palette ranges from light to dark hues; offering a variety of tones. On the lighter end of the spectrum is Lauzon Ambiance Yellow Birch Amaretto, a stunning light beige tone that has sporadic hints of medium brown along the surface to really illuminate this floor characteristics. This fun, but also mellow tone is perfect for classic lovers who want to brighten any room in their home. Perfect with darker furniture choices that are mixed with lighter décor accents.

Following Amaretto is Lauzon Ambiance Yellow Birch Copper, which is a golden-brown color that replicates the hue of a rich, caramel swirl ‒ making this a very loving floor. This color is vibrant and luscious; transforming any dull living space into a vivacious area. Copper looks beautiful in natural light areas such as kitchens and large living spaces ‒ really producing a stunning visual. Next is Lauzon Ambiance Yellow Birch Carob, a mahogany visual that is sleek, and classy; perfect for contemporary style homes that need that last additional touch to make any space flawless.

The darkest color is Lauzon Ambiance Yellow Birch Arabica, a reddish-dark brown shade that is seen to be daring, appealing, and extremely masculine ‒ which makes this perfect for master bedrooms, and dens with dark furniture and décor styles. The incorporation of the red and brown hues creates an elegant visual that enhances a room with pure sophistication.

Lauzon Flooring Warranties

Both constructions, engineered and solid, offer fantastic warranties for residential applications. Since the Lauzon Yellow Birch series resides under the Ambiance collection, a 30-year residential warranty is available. This Lauzon hardwood flooring warranty is created to protect the titanium finish to is added to the surface of these floors, which helps with wear and tear situations. Whether your floor is solid or engineered the same warranty is given.

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