Lauzon Art de Vivre

Lauzon Art de Vivre Absolut Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Authentik Red Oak Hardwood

from Lauzon floors, is the latest addition to the Ambience Collection – highlighting its timeless and historic personality with a twist of contemporary features. This solid and engineered hardwood oak series falls in line with the recent resurgence of the all-natural appearance, with new technologies making it possible to create a more stunning and authentic floor. The soft-brushed finish incorporated with its heavy grain technique brings this oak floor to life, causing everyone to fall in love with its natural beauty.

Elegant Colors

Seven colors are available in Lauzon’s Art de Vivrehardwood collection – with all providing prestige personalities that understand any décor scheme you choose to incorporate into your living space. The smoky series begins with a creamy white visual that goes by the name of Lauzon Art de Vivre Absolut; a color that embraces a sophisticated style, while still creating a warm and bright surrounding. Following Absolut is Candor, the warmest and brightest of the bunch, offering a traditional wood look with gorgeous knotting features to exemplify its appearance. Art de Vivre Drama is on the opposite end of the spectrum being it is the darkest, combining black and dark grey hues to create a bold and fascinating visual that speaks out “classy”. Also, a great floor to incorporate white and colorful interior accents with.

Lauzon Art de Vivre Ethika is a forest brown hue with similar features as candor, but highlights more of daring and darker visual. For a classy grey floor, look to Art de Vivre Nostalgia, that combines a luscious grey hue with very light hints of dark grey to where they almost look like specs of green. Very classy and very unique. Art de Vivre Onesta is different from the rest, in which it displays a more brown-reddish look with splattered hints of grey that gives this Lauzon hardwood floor a rich personality while still bringing a bright and airy feel to your living space. Last is Art de Vivre Sincero, a striking wood floor that replicates an earthy brown that brings the outdoors feel to the indoors. If you are someone who loves the look, air, and clean feel of the outdoors – this is the color you need in your home!

Lauzon Authentik Details

The wood used to make Lauzon Authentik hardwood flooring collection is ready-made by using a wire-brushed process that opens-up the wood grain and allows the surface to develop a subtle texture that adds to its beauty and charm. Beyond that, the brushing process also covers wear and tear – providing a better grip on the floor. All hardwood planks are offered in a 4 1/4" solid and a 5 3/16" engineered wide, showing off more of the wood grain and adding to the authenticity hardwood floor lovers are after. The collection is also made with Pure Genius Smart Technology - an innovative process in hardwood flooring, which keeps homes healthier by breaking down toxins and significantly improves indoor air quality.

Lauzon Hardwood Warranty

The Lauzon Authentik hardwood flooring collection backs up their promise of unmatched quality with a life structure 30-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty.

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