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IndusParquet Brazilian Pecan

Indusparquet Brazilian Pecan Hardwood Flooring

IndusParquet Brazilian Pecan Hardwood Collection

IndusParquet Brazilian Pecan collection consists of authentic hardwood flooring providing you with a stunning array of textures and color schemes within their planks. We’re talking about an exotic hardwood flooring, presenting an exquisite sense of style at the moment of remodeling the most sophisticated conference room, as well as the warmest and most welcoming of the living rooms. In other words, this is the choice your home and business are needing to make a statement of elegance, uniqueness, and fashion. Being a high-quality and environmentally friendly product, these surfaces offer you an enviable natural look through trusted excellence in engineering and other technologies.

Two Color Choices

The Brazilian Pecan flooring collection is offered in two, beautifully hand-crafted colors. The traditional Brazilian pecan is displayed as a tan gradience with darker shaded patterns to contrast the definition of the wood. This is the pure unstained version of the wood. Followed by this is the Brazilian Pecan Cinza, this process takes the natural wood and applies a darker stain presenting you with a matte black hue, elegantly allowing us to admire a clear definition in a grained texture and a scale of grays almost bordering on black within the plank.

Two Textures

Brazilian Pecan Hand Scraped wood parades a smooth finish with a rustic aspect perceived from the blackened shadows along the flooring. On the other hand, Brazilian Pecan Hand Scraped without French Bleeding has an elegant appearance without the smudge effect. French bleed is the process where the dark stain encompasses the beveled edges, giving a distinct look.

Wall Treatments

In order to jazz your floors up even more through thin and subtle 5-¾” x ¾” mosaic lines--striving for a more contemporary feel--and you can also use this series as your wallcoverings through technologies like their squarely shaped wall treatments, available in the stylish sizes 2 3/4” inch by 2 3/4" inch. There is also a 1 and 3/4” inch by 1 and 3/4" inch options as well. The Brazilian Pecan Wall Treatment is the unblemished wallcovering which illustrates versatility due to the treatments finished texture.


Various sizing options of this series are accommodated to meet your home flooring needs. The traditional natural color is offered in a 3 and 1/4” inch width supported by a 3/8” inch thickness. The other size is an impressive 5" width that is 1/2" inch in thickness. The Brazilian Pecan Cinza engineered hardwood selection is constructed with a 5" width with the same 1/2 inch thickness. Another great feature is the long length options. Up to 86 inches in board length with the majority being 48 inches. The top layer also has a 3mm finish giving the option down the road to sand and refinish if necessary. Combatively, some less expensive exotic woods have only a 2mm top layer.

Furthermore, these planks can be easily installed through staple, glue, or float procedures, guaranteeing an efficient and stress-free installation, as well as your wildest interior design dreams in the shortest period of time. With a twenty-five-year res warranty and five-year light commercial warranty…

IndusParquet promises long lasting satisfaction.
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