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IndusParquet Brazilian Cherry

IndusParquet Brazilian Cherry
Looking for a collection made out of aesthetic beauty, functionality, and durable and sustainable hardwood floors? IndusParquet Brazilian Cherry could be the series you’ve been desperately browsing for. Just like the Pecan compilation by this same brand, this is a fashion consisting of gorgeous finish and color palettes, unique and dynamic patterns, and authenticity.

Starting with their typical 5” x ½” Brazilian Cherry, the simplest of these sophisticated surface options is already showing us the meaning of the phrase “less is more”. The reds combined with muted orange shading finds the perfect balance between the glow of more modern hues, and the warmth in rusticity. Nevertheless, it’s quite difficult to conform to simplicity with so many choices available! Their hand scraped finish brings out a natural glow that is equally impossible to resist, and talking about irresistible tonalities, don’t be afraid to let the deepest and most passionate cherry reds submerge you into all the elegance and class provided through selections such as Rouge Hand Scraped, and the addition of that exquisite and lively French bleed to this last one. And for those striving for naturality as well as an even more exotic texture, their touch on 7-¾” x ¾” Demolition definitely demonstrates the superiority in that contrast between rust, bronze and roughness. Finally, don’t forget to take your interior spaces to the next level through your everlasting exciting and traditional 3-⅛” x 5/16” herringbone patterns, and the modernity of 5-¾” x ¾” mosaic lines.

Being resistant enough for all commercial and residential purposes, these environmentally friendly planks can also be installed on multi-level spaces, basements and walls. Select a surface willing to provide you and all users a timeless high-quality style capable of being enjoyed by several generations. Select IndusParquet Brazilian Cherry.
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