Floorte Magnificent

Floorte Magnificent
The Floorte Magnificent collection showcases the stunning beauty of hardwood flooring.

These floors are protected with a waterproof core and surface sealed for extra protection against water. Clean up from spills and accidents is easy. For extra comfort and noise reduction, these floors come with an attached pad .

The collection can be installed using the floating method. Planks can be installed above, on ,or below grade.

The Magnificent collection comes with a Limited Repel Hardwood Residential flooring warranty and a Floorte Limited Residential flooring warranty. It also comes with a five year Light Commercial Limited warranty.

The Collection

The Floorte Magnificent collection offers a number of bold colors and light, ashy cool tones. This collection overall has more of a cool toned appearance to it.

Floorte Magnificent Arctic Maple is a light grey floor that has a very cool tone to it. This floor is sleek and can pair well with a number of interior design styles. If you are looking for a floor that will elevate a space, this is it. Floorte Magnificent Granite Oak is a mix of mid-tone greys and light, ashy greys. This mix of tones creates a floor that is contemporary yet has a slightly rustic appearance to it. Floorte Magnificent Anchor Oak is a blend of deep greys and light ashy whites. This creates a floor that is sleek and sophisticated.

One of the most unique flooring options in this collection is Floorte Magnificent Frosted Hickory. This is a blend of light, ashy blondes and light greys. The colors blends together to create a floor that is both sophisticated and sleek.

The Magnificent collection offers a few options when it comes to darker flooring options. Floorte Magnificent Dakota Hickory is a deep, bold brown color that is a blend of light browns and dark browns. Floorte Magnificent Toasted Maple is a sleek and bold flooring option. This floor is perfect for a more formal space. Floorte Magnificent Trail Oak is a deep, rich, bold floor. The boldness and richness of this floor makes a statement in any space. Floorte Magnificent Western Walnut is another floor in this collection that is dark brown, bold, and rich.

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