Floorte Westminster

Floorte Westminster
This stunning hardwood flooring collection adds elegance and natural charm to a space. The Floorte Westminster collection is a timeless collection full of bold, soothing, and warm brown tones that add the perfect neutral backdrop to a space.

These floors can be installed above, on, or below grade. Installation is quick and easy with the Westminster collection as these floors can be installed using the floating method.

The Floorte Westminster collection comes with a Limited Repel Hardwood Residential Flooring warranty and a Floorte Limited Residential Flooring warranty. The collection also comes with a five year Light Commercial Limited warranty.

The Collection

The Floorte Westminster collection is full of stunning brown flooring options that range from warm, honey browns to bold, deep browns.

The collection offers some deep, brown flooring colors that add a sophisticated feel to a space. Floorte Westminster Blackened Oak is a deep brown flooring color that is a bold backdrop to any space. This floor is the perfect complement to lighter colors. Floorte Westminster Polished Maple is a dark brown floor that has a muted, cool tone to it. This floor has a sleek appearance and gives a space a contemporary feel. Floorte Westminster Vintage Hickory is a rich, chestnut brown. This floor adds warmth to a space and gives it an overall inviting feel. This floor is perfect for a living room or kitchen area in a home. Floorte Westminster Heritage Oak is a warm, mid-tone brown. This floor has a sophisticated appearance to it and is sleek and inviting.

There are a number of options in this collection when it comes to light brown flooring options that open up a space. Floorte Westminster Balanced Hickory is a light brown floor that is a perfect neutral backdrop in a space. This floor is a blend of light browns and mid-tone browns that has a sleek appearance to it. Floorte Westminster Burnished Oak is a warm blend of honey browns, mid-tone browns, and light browns. With knots and graining throughout this floor has a slightly rustic feel to it that makes it feel inviting in a space. Floorte Westminster Glazed Oak and Floorte Westminster Patina Maple are both two light blonde floors that add a warm, neutral tone to a space. These two floors both complement an open space well and pair nicely with light furniture. Floorte Westminster Fresh Hickory has a similar tone to it, however, it has more contrasting yellow toned browns to it that vary in tone.

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