Floorte Pantheon Plus HD

Floorte Pantheon Plus HD
The stunning Pantheon Plus vinyl flooring collection from Shaw Floors is made up of 22 unique, high-quality flooring options to choose from. These vinyl floors add a sophisticated look to a room. With a collection that is inspired by the fusion of aesthetics, these floors will make a bold impression in any space. For vinyl floors that have a classic appeal and design-forward visuals, consider the Floorte Pantheon Plus HD collection. With 7in x 48in planks that are 8mm thick, these planks are made to elevate your space and stand the test of time. Flooring options include wire brushed oak, rustic high color contrast, and mixed-planked visuals. The Pantheon Plus vinyl planks are easy to install as they are floating floors.

There are a number of benefits to having a Floorte Pantheon Plus HD floor. You can trust that your floors will be able to last for many years to come. These floors come with an Armourbead wear layer for enhanced performance. A Soft Silence acoustic pad on all planks helps with noise reduction and more comfort for your feet. Have pets or kids? These vinyl floor are 100% waterproof. You’ll never have to worry about spills or mopping.

All Pantheon Plus flooring options come with a lifetime residential warranty and a ten year light commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Pantheon Plus vinyl flooring collection comes in a range of options to choose from. For a rich and bold dark brown flooring option consider Terreno and Orso. Terreno is a bold blend of dark and light browns blended together. This is the perfect backdrop for a home office or formal living room area. Orso is a dark blended flooring option. With medium greys and cherry brown mixed together, this floor add character to any space.

For some stunning grey vinyl flooring options consider Calcare, Giardino, Temporale, and Tempesta. Calcare is a stunning grey floor with light and dark grey tones blended together. The wire brush planks make for a floor that looks old and worn, adding character to your space. Giardino is a blend of light and dark greys that make for a blended floor that is modern and bold.

If you’re looking for some light brown vinyl flooring options, Colosseum and Pantheon are two beautiful vinyl flooring options to choose from. Both flooring options are very similar, however, Colosseum has hints of light grey throughout the planks with a more textured, real hardwood appearance. Pantheon, on the other hand, has more of a clean, smooth appearance with a light brown color throughout that is sure to open up a space and complement neutral home décor.

The Pantheon Plus vinyl flooring collection also contains some beautiful medium-tone brown flooring options. Fiano is a blended medium brown floor that adds a rustic element to a space. Capri is a medium to light brown floor that opens up a space but is still dark enough to add an elegant feel it. Ardesia is a daker medium brown floor that adds a serious feel to a space while still making it feel warm.

Are you looking for some unique flooring options that will truly make a statement in any space? Consider Pergolato, Onice, and Prateria. Pergolato is a unique blend of dark brown, cherry brown, and light greyish blue. For a bold and rich dark brown flooring option there is Onice. Prateria is a blend of medium grey and light brown. It has a dusty and rusty feel to it that is sure to add character to any space.

If any of these flooring options are sticking out to you, give us a call at 510-698-5142. For a look at more Floorte vinyl collections, check out Floorte Paragon Plus and Floorte Classico.

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