Floorte Classico

Floorte Classico

Floorte Classico, the latest luxury vinyl tile product line introduced by Shaw Flooring, highlights authentic hardwood aesthetics in the form of easy-to-install durable vinyl planks. Floorte, unlike many other luxury vinyl tile flooring products out there, uses a click system for installation rather than traditional glue-down methods, which saves on time, energy, and the occasional mess that glue can bring to installations. Another benefit to click systems is that it virtually eliminates any exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the installation process, so Floorte is ideal for anyone who is extra sensitive to allergens and irritants. Luxury vinyl tile planks that click together without any adhesive also contribute to a more realistic, uniform wood look completely devoid of any noticeable flaws or unsightly gaps in the surface between planks.

As much as we here at QualityFlooring4Less.com love bona fide Shaw hardwoods, installations can get tricky and costly sometimes. We are very excited to see Shaw Floors roll out this vinyl collection, as the installation can be done on a do-it-yourself basis and the planks are much more compatible with different climate extremes, residential and commercial applications, and can be floated on top of an existing floor without costly removal techniques.

Floorte Durability

This collection of vinyl planks will not become damaged or warped by radiant heating systems in the subfloor. This series planks are available in 6" x 48"dimensions with micro beveled edges and an Armour Bead finish, adding to the inherent durability of luxury vinyl tile. Its 6.5mm thickness and 12 mil wear layer also make this floor ideal for households with pets or children, as well as businesses with medium to heavy foot traffic. Its LifeGuard top layer provides even further durability. Unlike traditional hardwood, Floorte Classico sports a very high water resistance, so spills or elements tracked in from the outside won't ever warrant an entire costly floor replacement, as this Shaw resilient wood-look vinyl does not warp.

Colors and Styles

With a barrage of colors and styles to choose from, this vinyl collection can be matched to any motif of your liking. The assortment of colors available in Floorte’s line exemplify real hardwood patterns that pair well with traditional, contemporary, rustic, and exotic décor. The light brown tints and wave-like patterns found in the Alba color option are great for pairing with more traditional interior designs while the weathered neutral-toned grey aesthetics of Chiatta work very well with not only rustic but also exotic design settings. Alba does a great job drawing in natural sunlight to any residential or commercial space, especially in areas with large panoramic windows. Chiatta's pairing with rustic décor is made possible by realistic graining on the surface of its luxury vinyl wood plastic composite (WPC) planks, giving off a reminiscence of reclaimed hardwood that has held up to the elements and stood the test of time. Thanks to Shaw’s use of high-definition printing technology, the patterns in each plank are unique, giving off hints of exotic tones found in rare woods across the globe without causing any environmental damage.

The white tints of Bianco work very well in contemporary settings, bringing a light, airy vibe to any room in your home or business. Other color shades ideal for contemporary design are Cafe, an off-color grey/beige blend with weather-worn patterns and graining; Giallo, a muted brown with gorgeous knots and streaks; and Latte, a creamy whitish brown that goes well with open floor plans. The deep dark browns of Marrone project a lovely rustic finish that can be applied throughout any space, including commercial applications, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and foyers thanks to Shaw’s resilient internal design structure.

The intermediate browns of Oro, the soft greyish blends of Pera, and the charcoal tones of Pontile additionally are wonderful choices for a rustic ambience without having to worry about constant scratching or floor replacement jobs, as these vinyl planks are much more resistant to the elements than the beautiful hardwoods they replicate on the surface. Teak is quite a rare breed of this vinyl collection; its blended medium browns, intricate graining, and wavelike ripples make this color a good fit for both exotic and traditional settings. No matter what your design sensibilities are, this collections planks provide shades and colors to match whatever your heart desires.


One thing­—or things rather—that many people overlook when purchasing flooring is the assortment of accessories that come with a specific product. Any floor would look rather silly without any bullnoses, stairnoses, or the proper edges. Thankfully Shaw offers these at incredible rates, and all vinyl accessories for this collection ship for free. This luxury vinyl flooring plank line comes in two types of underlayments; Selitac and Bravo. The former snaps together with ease while the latter is ideal for larger, more commercially focused flooring projects. Make your installation complete with quarter rounds, multi-purpose reducers, T-moldings, and stairnoses to create a seamless transition of hardwood aesthetics in the form of vinyl planks, no matter how many stories your home or business has.

Floorte Warranty

Just like all Shaw products, this vinyl collection comes equipped with warranties for both residential and commercial installations. Its 30-year residential warranty guarantees that Floorte Classico planks will neither stain, wear, or fade due to external sources of light, nor will they become damaged due to water under normal conditions. The light commercial warranty is good for up to seven years and gives you that extra sense of protection your business needs. This vinyl is able to be installed at, above, or below grade making it ideal for basements as these luxury vinyl planks are not prone to warping. Offered with a flat shipping rate to nearly all parts of the country, Shaw also offers more than 20 pickup locations nationwide in the event you would rather save on shipping altogether.

Design Tips

When it comes to decorating a living space or business, sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. Subtle differences between contemporary and modern styles can be confusing, interior decorators can often be more difficult to work with than James Woods on a movie set, your old assembled Ikea furniture may look out of place with a brand-new floor, or perhaps that ugly plastic houseplant your aunt gave you last Christmas looks best in the attic paired with pink fiberglass insulation and virtually no lighting. Thankfully for you, our collective expertise in flooring has given all of us at QualityFlooring4Less.com a very good eye for these things. We've all been there; moving from a place with beige shag carpeting from the 1970s into a home with a floor that's worth looking at. So, with a combined 100 plus years’ experience of dealing with the insanity of interior decorators and flooring installers, we're happy to give you some design tips to get you started. For our DIY individuals, learn "How To" install vinyl flooring! Easy guidance for an easy project!

Rustic décor is usually seen as somewhat minimalist, sometimes antiquated, and a perfect exemplification of what Earth's wilderness has to offer. However, sometimes when people hear rustic it gives off way too much of a Davy Crockett vibe that justifiably makes people wonder if that look is right for them. Of course there are ways to make the rustic style just as upscale as modern and contemporary designs. The Floorte Classico colors geared toward the rustic style generally do well with darker furniture paired with lighter decorative accents. Think expansive leather couches, medium-brown drapes, and complementary light beige bookshelves or end tables. In contrast with the rustic motif, contemporary design is best when the colors are inverted. Black coffee tables go very well with white or off-white couches, and the Floorte Classico shades of Alba, Bianco, Cafe, Giallo, and Latte make a good fit for this pairing. Exotic stylings tend to go for harder transitions than the softer flow of rustic and traditional design accents. Furnishings that infuse black and white colorings go great with the Frutta, Molo, and Rosso shades. No matter your design sensibilities, Shaw luxury vinyl planks of Floorte Classico sport durability, versatility, reliability, and can fit everyone's own unique style preferences with ease. To see just how durable and reliable these vinyl planks are, check out this video from Shaw, showing you what they truly bring to the table!

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