Provenza Uptown Chic

Provenza Uptown Chic
Vinyl flooring seems to be what every homeowner is choosing to remodel with these days, and for good reason! Vinyl is comfortable under the foot, reduces noise, can hold its own against heavy foot traffic, and is extremely affordable. The Provenza Uptown Chic collection is no exception to this. This series comes in 51 stunning colors and styles, so you are sure to find flooring that suits you. Not only is this flooring gorgeous and versatile, but it's also waterproof. This floor was built for the long haul, so spills or damp areas don't cause damage. Another great aspect of the Uptown Chic floors is that they are GreenGuard certified. These products have low chemical emissions, which immensely improves the air quality of the area they are installed in. Spoiler alert: these floors do it all.

Colors and Styles

The Uptown Chic collection offers 29 stunning shades and hues to choose from, so you can guarantee that you'll find the perfect flooring for your home. Like the name would suggest, this vinyl series is elegant, stylish, and extremely tasteful. It takes inspiration from modern city designs and pairs it with understated aesthetics, which creates beautiful ambiences in every room. These floors have a ribbed and authentic looking wood texture combined with a micro bevel edge. Each plank is finished with aluminum oxide and has an underlayment pad attached, making for shiny and quiet flooring.

One of the best selling floors from this collection is Posh Beige. This color embraces the modern farmhouse trend, while playing with contemporary interior designs. From the neutral tan base tone, to the natural looking grey knots and grains, this color truly stands out from the rest. Another stunning shade is the Smash Hit. (And, yes it's a smash hit in our book!) These floors are extremely unique in the sense that they bring many different colors to the surface at once. These planks offer stunning mixtures of chocolate browns, honeys, and chestnuts, with light charcoal detailing that's finished off with a cool undertone.

Looking for something with an auburn or amber undertone? Don't worry, the Provenza Uptown Chic collection has plenty of options. One of the fan favorites is the Just Lucky shade. These floors truly exude warmth, due to the brilliant amber hues. Another great color is the Jazz Singer option. This choice is similar to the previous one, but it comes in a richer and darker red color, making it perfect for anyone looking for a timeless design.

If you want something more intense and striking, check out the Big Easy color. This shade is going to draw some attention, and for good reason. From the deep chocolate tones, to the lavish dark black hues, these floors are sure to complement any room and give it a mysterious, yet homey, ambience. Another strong style from this series is Vivid Dreams. This option was made for anyone looking to stay up to date on the latest trends, but also have something that is absolutely classic. This charcoal and grey hues in this flooring are effortlessly paired, and have authentic looking wood etchings throughout the design.

Like we said before, this vinyl series truly has it all. You can stop only prioritizing certain factors, because with the Provenza Uptown Chic collection, you don't have to compromise beauty, price, or durability! No matter which color or style you choose, don't hesitate to give Quality Flooring 4 Less a call at 510-698-5142, as we are happy to discuss floors and answer any (and all) of your questions.

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