Provenza Moda Living

Provenza Moda Living
The Provenza Moda Living collection features long planks that have an authentic real wood appearance. This vinyl series is top of the line, from the stunning and versatile colors, to the gorgeous aluminum oxide finish. These floors also offer exceptional durability and comfort due to the 8 mm thickness. Another excellent aspect of this series is the quick and easy installation process. Float is a favorite among DIY enthusiasts, as it gets the job done without the trouble of glue or staples, while laying flat and seamless. To make walking on this floor more comfortable and quiet, there's also an underlayment pad attached. To ensure that you can enjoy these floors for years to come, Quality Flooring 4 Less also offers the manufacturer's warranty options. In this case, the Provenza Moda Living collection comes equipped with a lifetime limited residential warranty, or a 15 year limited commercial warranty. (Not too shabby, we know!) As if you aren't completely sold yet, these floors are also GreenGuard certified, meaning that less chemical emissions are released, making for improved overall air quality in your home.

Colors and Styles

The Provenza Moda Living collection also delivers in the color department. There are countless beautiful shades and hues to choose from, each one bringing a different ambience to an area. One of the most charming colors is the Fly Away option. These floors are a delicate combination of mauve and grey tints that embrace the rustic farmhouse trend by drawing attention to the natural looking knots and grains. Another fan-favorite from this series is the Finally Mine floors. These planks have an amber undertone, paired with a base tone of honey brown. This match makes for a stunning, yet subtle design, that is sure to complement any interior design.

If you want something even more understated, then Soft Whisper is calling your name. These vinyl floors don't have as much of the etchings and grains in the design, making for a very blended and simple pattern. Soft Whisper offers creamy tans and beiges, making it the perfect choice for a minimalist look. Another unique style is the Hang Ten choice. This is one of the darker options from the Moda Living series, and it is absolutely breathtaking! Hang Ten embraces cool undertones, while bringing charcoal and chocolate brown hues to the surface. The Jet Set option is another really special and charming shade that can make a room feel more feminine. The base color is a rich honey tone, with hints of rose throughout the design.

No matter which color you land on, they will all complement your interior design flawlessly. This series was constructed to be stable, durable, and beautiful. If you are still on the fence about the Provenza Moda Living collection, this is your sign to take the leap! If you have any questions on the details of this stunning series, or just need to talk about an upcoming flooring project, give us a call at 510-698-5142, as we are always available and ready to help!

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