MSI Surfaces Cyrus/XL Cyrus

MSI Surfaces Cyrus/XL Cyrus
The MSI Surfaces Cyrus Series is a stunning luxury vinyl tile series that highlights the beauty of authentic hardwood flooring.

When it comes to durability, these floors are protected with CrystaLux, an innovative wear layer that protects against scratches, spills, pet accidents, indentations, and sun damage. No matter what is thrown at these floors, they are made to withstand day to day wear, even in high traffic areas. These floors are also 100% waterproof. These floors are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. This certification requires products to meet strict chemical emission requirements. The MSI Surfaces Cyrus Series is safe for any residential or commercial space.

The MSI Surfaces Cyrus planks comes in a size of 7x48 and the XL Cyrus planks come in a size of 9x60. Planks are 5 mm thick. Each plank comes with a 12 mil wear layer for extra protection. For a quieter and more comfortable flooring experience, these planks also come with pre-attached backing.

When it comes to installation, these floors come with a patented locking system that makes installation quick and easy.

The Cyrus Series comes with a Limited Residential Lifetime warranty and a 6 year Light Commercial warranty.

The MSI Surfaces Cyrus/XL Cyrus Series

The Akadia and Akadia are a blend of creamy neutral beiges with delicate brown graining for a floor that has a contemporary and elegant look to it. MSI Surfaces Cyrus Sandino and Sandino are light brown with subtle knots and grains throughout. This floor is light and can brighten up a space. The < Fauna planks are a blend of light-brown tones blended with ashy greys and dark knots and graining. Ryder is a blend of warm beige and brown tones that have dark knots and graining throughout.

When it comes to dark brown flooring options, this collection offers a variety of tones and choices to choose from. Barrell and XL Barrell are a blend of dark chocolate browns and light, ashy mid-tone browns. The floor resembles a gorgeous aged walnut hardwood floor. Billingham and Billingham XL are contemporary dark brown floors that are blended with ashy, light greys. Jenta and XL Jenta are both a creamy, rich blend of both dark browns and light, ashy greys. The blend creates a floor that is both bold and sophisticated. Hawthorne are a blend of dark, rich brown tones blended with light browns and cherry browns. This floor is bold and rustic, with an overall earthy appearance to it. Stable and XL Stable have an authentic antique hardwood appearance to them. This floor is a unique blend of mid-tone greys, light blondes, and warm, chestnut browns. Exotika and XL Exotika are a blend of light and dark brown tones mixed with grey-blue hues. The floor is unique and makes a statement in a space. Bembridge and XL Bembridge are bold and make a statement in a space. These floors are a unique and stunning blend of rich, dark browns, light, ashy greys, and light blondes.

In terms of grey flooring options, this collection offers a stunning variety of tones to choose from. Boswell and XL Boswell are a blend of light, ashy greys, mid-tone greys, and deep charcoal greys. These floor has a rustic wood appearance to it. Bracken Hill are a sleek and smooth blend of a variety of grey tones. This floor has a contemporary and luxurious appearance to it. Draven are both a beautiful mix of beige and cool grey. This floor has a contemporary rustic appearance to it that makes it luxurious and classic. Finely in both sizes are both a subtle blend of mid-tone greys that make a beautiful neutral backdrop to a space. Katella Ash are similar to Finely. This is another stunning option for a grey neutral floor. Ludlow and Ludlow are a blend of subtle grey tones with charcoal grey knots and graining. Mezcla are both a blend of a variety of grey tones. The unique blend of tones creates a floor that has the stunning and unique beauty of authentic hardwood. Woburn are a creamy, ashy, light blend of a variety of tones that comes together to create a floor that has a contemporary yet slightly aged appearance to it.

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