Inhaus Sono Eclipse

Inhaus Sono Eclipse
The Inhaus Sono Eclipse is designed to be superior across the board when it comes to design, technology, and durability. With a zero waste product and environmentally friendly certifications, it is also deign to be better for you.

The planks in the Inhaus Sono Eclipse collection come with a mineral composite core. This core is 100% waterproof so you�ll� never have to worry about spills and accidents. This also makes this flooring ideal for kitchen and bathroom areas. With its incredible durability, these planks are able to withstand spills, scratches, pet accidents, fading, and stains.

The Sono Eclipse collection offers three different levels of plank to plank color variation. The Light variation provides slight contrast and a consistent overall appearance with a uniform look. The Medium variation has moderate contrast to it and a subtle tonal changes. The Heavy variation has a pronounced contrast to it that creates a dynamic floor with bold character.

When it comes to the environment the Sono Eclipse collection contains no PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, or plasticizers. The flooring in this collection is GreenGuard Gold and Blue Angel certified.. The GreenGuard Gold certification ensures that flooring is low in chemical emissions. Blue Angel certification is awarded to products that are considered to be a benefit to the environment and also meet the high standards of serviceability, health, and occupational protection. You can be sure that your floors are good for the environment and safe for you and others. The floors in this collection are also zero waste. Residual waste is recycled back into the product and the flooring is 100% recyclable.

In terms of maintenance, the collection is easy to clean and doesn�t require any special or expensive cleaning agents. These floors can be cleaned with a wet, steam, and damp mop.

The planks in the Inhaus Sono Eclipse collection are incredibly easy to install. Planks can be installed using a quick and simple float installation method. The collection has a patented Megaloc technology. This angle-drop locking system allows for installations up to 10,000 square feet without the use of transitions. No power tools are needed during this simple installation process.

The collection comes with a lifetime residential warranty and a ten year light commercial warranty.

The Collections

The collection has wood and stone options. There are 22 wood options in the collection. The wood options range from rich, cherry-browns to soothing, contemporary blonde flooring options. Baywest is a stunning blend of cherry-browns, blonde, greys, light browns, and medium browns. The blend of this wide range of tones creates a unique flooring option. While the lighter tones keep this floor bright and open, the mix of bold dark browns cause this floor to make a statement in any space. Bower is a light brown flooring option. A blend of warm yellows and ashy brown, this floor is light, inviting, and has a contemporary feel to it. Canim has a slightly faded appearance to it that causes it to appear worn. This gives the floor a lot of character while still giving it an open, contemporary feel. Coffee is a dark, medium tone brown. A blend of cherry browns, medium browns, and greys, this floor has a rustic and sophisticated feel to it. Forest Grove has a soothing and calming appearance to it. This contemporary floor is a stunning blonde floor that pairs well with neutral home d�cor and a Nordic or minimalistic design. Heartland Walnut is a blend of warm chestnut browns and yellow-brown hues that come together to create an inviting appearance in a space. Jasper is a blend of light and dark greys. This floor pairs well with neutral colors in a minimalistic space. Liberty has a more rustic appearance to it. This floor is a blend of a number of different tones of brown. Riverview is another floor that has an overall rustic appearance to it. The floor has hints of cherry-brown throughout with an overall yellow hue to it. Riviera is a light grey floor that is blended together with light browns. This floor has a contemporary feel to it but the grey adds a slight rustic and worn appearance to the floor. Saloon is a rich and rustic dark brown. It is perfect for adding a more rustic, cabin-like appearance to a space. Sandhill is a warm, soothing blend of yellows, light browns, and ashy blonde. This floor would be stunning in a kitchen or living room space to give off a warm and inviting appearance. Santa Fe is a rustic and unique flooring option. This stunning floor would pair well with contemporary furniture and interior design for an artsy feel to a space. Seawashed is a medium tone brown floor. A blend of a range of floors, the subdued colors give the floor a washed, aged appearance. Sheridan Bay is a warm, chestnut brown floor. This is the perfect addition to a living room space. Streamwashed has a washed out appearance to it. This floor will add a contemporary feeling in any space. Sunwashed is a warm, bright, yellow hued floor. Tobacco Oak is a unique blend of cherry-browns, chestnut browns, and medium browns. This floor has a uniquely rustic appearance to it. Trimble White Oak is a light, blonde floor. It is sure to add a contemporary feel to a space. Winter Oak is a calming, light grey floor that will pair well with neutral furniture and a minimalistic space.

There are six stone options in this collection. The stone collection is full of bold, neutral tones that elevate a space and give it a luxurious appearance. Sandstone is a deep, rich, earthy brown. Pearl Travertine is a weather, bright white that gives a space a sleek appearance. Pepper Travertine is a brown version of Pearl Travertine. Reposado Carrara is a stunning blend of white and greys. This floor resembles a marble floor. It is perfect in a bathroom space. Sesame Sandstone is a moody grey floor that has a contemporary appearance to it. Shadow Castle is a deep, dark grey that gives a space a contemporary, minimalistic appearance. This flooring would pair well with other dark neutral tones.

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