Adore Decoria Vinyl

Adore Decoria Vinyl
Over the past 30 years Decoria vinyl has graced floors in homes and commercial spaces around the globe. What began as a small flooring company has since grown to become one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. What makes Decoria vinyl floors unique is that they are not only made to resemble natural wood, stone, and tile in color and texture, but also cut into similar shapes as these materials. So, for example, Decoria wood-toned vinyl is made into individual planks instead of a large roll. This further adds to the authentic look and feel.

The Decoria line is available in several popular collections. The Bamboo collection offers the sophisticated, exotic look of carbonized bamboo. Ceramica vinyl provides the look and feel of travertine tile, one of the most popular tiles in American homes today. Want the vintage vibe of alternating black and white squares? The Spectra collection can replicate the look perfectly. In addition to these, Decoria offers a variety of wood tones, granite hues, and unique true-vinyl styles. Decoria floors are ideal for high-traffic environments where style and durability are equally essential.

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