Anderson Vintage

Anderson Vintage

The Virginia Vintage 5" Engineered hardwood flooring collection offers the timeless beauty of wood that has been cherished for generations, with unique details such as chisel marks, hammer indentations and hand-scraped surfaces that give each board its distinctive historical beauty. Superior craftsmanship by Virginia Vintage means each plank gives off an undeniable appeal, and advanced engineered construction ensures long life and functionality. With Virginia Vintage Luster-Lock finish, each floor stays fresh and new appearing for years to come.This stunning finish is created by using micro-sized crystals of ceramic and aluminum oxide, making it 6 times more resistant to scuffs and scratches than other brands. All in all, these floors stand up under the pressure of messy kids, muddy dogs, and party mishaps, while exuding an inviting spirit that gives class to your home.

The 5” Engineered hardwood collection offers a broad range of finishes, so you can choose the exact floor to match your décor. There are a variety of species that make up for these beautiful planks, including maple, walnut, and hickory.

Colors and Styles

Each plank measures 1/2” thick x 5” wide for a richly varied appearance that showcases lovely grain details and naturally occurring knot holes. The Handscraped Chickorycolor is a deep auburn that looks lovely with dark wood furnishings and off-white fabrics. On the other hand, the Hickory Spicy Cider color offers bright honey and gold tones with high color variation. Hickory Autumn looks beautiful alongside British colonial décor, as its red tones look classic and refined. This option pairs the deep cherry undertone with dark browns and chestnut, making for complex and elegant planks. Rustic and shabby chic designers will fall in love with the Hickory Flintlock planks for their dramatic shade variation that looks rugged and natural. This option embraces its warm and golden shades, making it appear timeless. Another shade from the unique Engineered 5” collection is Maple Carriage, a charcoal gray, paired with soft and subtle hazels. The final color from this series is Trace Walnut, which showcases gorgeous and uniform planks that have a milk chocolate tone.


These timeless planks from the Vintage collection can be put into your space using staple, glue, and float methods.


These products come with the full Anderson warranty. Because QualityFlooring4Less is an actual brick and mortar, you receive the best possible warranty when you purchase with us.

If you are an old soul, take this as your sign to move forward with the Anderson Vintage collection. These durable planks will personalize your space, creating an absolutely timeless essence. After all, your flooring should reflect your personal style and aesthetic.

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