Tarkett Aloft

Tarkett Aloft
The Aloft luxury vinyl plank collection from Tarkett showcases realistic hardwood aesthetics in the form of durable, resilient flooring. Resistant to spills, water, and other sources of moisture, Tarkett Aloft also has the positive quality of being quieter and more comfortable than some other types of flooring, such as ceramic tile, hardwood, and laminate, reducing sound levels and providing a surface that is easier on the feet throughout the entire home. Due to advancements in high-definition printing technology, the Aloft collection projects incredible realism and virtually no repetition between each wood-look luxury vinyl plank. From afar, Aloft has the innate ability to fool anyone into believing that these are true bona fide hardwood floors. But don't worry; your secret is safe with us.

Tarkett Aloft luxury vinyl is available in eight color options, each with the choice of a normal adhesive installation or a floating click installation, the latter of which requires that the vinyl planks only need to be attached to each other rather than the subfloor, making this a great alternative for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to save some extra money. Another benefit of click installations is that they can be used over radiant heating systems as it requires no messy, sticky, and melt-prone adhesive. One of our favorite color choices for Aloft is Cayenne, a deep brown dusted with tinges of red and burgundy, great for pairings with mahogany furnishings and black wall accents for a robust, dignified ambience. Gray Pearl is the lightest shade in this collection, with its off-whites and streaks of ash ideal for beautiful timeworn aesthetics popular with shabby-chic designers on a budget. The Bay option is also a lighter color, only with more prominent beiges for a softer, more neutral appearance. Try out Black & Tan for more classic, traditional looks reminiscent of expansive mid-century estates. No matter which of these 6" luxury vinyl planks you choose, Tarkett Aloft will bring a bold sense of style to anywhere it is applied.

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