Somerset Character Plank Engineered

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The Somerset Engineered Character Plank Hardwood collection gives the same feel and appearance of authentic Appalachian wood like its solid counterpart with added durability, moisture protection, and a higher resistance to variations in temperature. This hardwood collection really showcases naturally occurring knots and markings that create a flowing, unique natural hardwood pattern. With layered wood underneath, this selection is less susceptible to shifting associated with solid hardwood floors. any room, showcasing the intricacies of each plank marking and its respective natural patterns.

This hardwood collection is available in 5 different wood species and 7 handsome color options, giving designers a variety of choices in décor. The Somerset Engineered Character Plank Hardwood Maple Onyx is a dashing, rich grey hue coloring. This hue is composed of rich shades of grey, mixing light and dark grey staining and knotting, creating a very stylish, contemporary color option. Hickory Ember is another stylish, contemporary color with light and dark taupe colors staining and flowing throughout the planks with charcoal knotting. Walnut is a dark and handsome brown hardwood with coffee brown as the dominant brown with tinges of light browns and charcoal browns staining and knotting the wood, giving the hue a rich, warm appearance. Hickory Saddle is a honey brown color with dark brown staining and knotting with occasional charcoal brown gashes streaking across the plank. Maple Pine is a rich, classic golden wood color, with darker golden staining, graining, and knotting throughout each individual plank. Hickory comes in as a stylish golden wood color option with startling alterations between golden wood and caramel staining and knotting. Each plank has either a dominant golden color or caramel color so when they’re combined together they produce a bright and unique look which is emphasized in pattern sequences. White Oak is another classic gold color, with dark golden graining, staining, and knotting, producing a rich, golden flooring color.

This elegant, contemporary Somerset Engineered Character Plank Hardwood collection measures in a few options to suit individual tastes. There is the smaller 3¼” width for those that enjoy narrower hardwood plank flooring. There is the 4” width, which is the standard size of hardwood planks for those that like to go the traditional route. Finally, there is the 5” width option, which is great for showing off the characteristics of each individual plank. The length of the planks are random up to the 6½’ size which gives you plenty of room and flexibility for your plank length needs.

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