Shaw Hacienda

Shaw Hacienda
The Shaw Hacienda tile flooring collection is an America made, beautifully printed tile with four stunning colors and two sizes of 6’’ x 24’’ and 6’’ x 36’’ to choose from. Each color tone in this collection has its very own uniqueness and beautiful mixture of glorious shades of brown that each incorporate themselves with a natural look of wood that is seemingly real.

The Hacienda Cashew contains a faded mix of light and dark browns that have an added touch of beige to really define and spruce up the graining and knotting this plank withholds. The characteristics along with the toning colors truly portrays a unique sense of coziness that every home inspires to have, and adds a desirable sense of security and satisfaction. Not only is this plank perfectly suitable for lighter toned décor styles but also looks gorgeous with wood furniture and darker colors. If you are looking for a modern, and comfortable environment, this color will fit great.

The Macadamia carries more of a deeper and darker defined color that is almost black in color, showing a more aged appearance. The dark browns, and hints of black streaks, are shown to hold subtle cracks of light tan and beige hues that create such a wonderful mix. It also forms a high sense of virility, perfect for any masculine atmospheric setting, like an office or room that holds a heavy study or work sessions. Blends well with dark furniture and easily gives off a bold and mysterious sense of style.

Like Cashew, Pecan has a color tone that mixes light brown, beige and dark browns together, but also blends hints of black elements that seem to be gently dragged within certain areas of the planks. Looks almost perfect when placed with lighter or even darker décor rooms. It also heavily illuminates when it is positioned in rooms with massive windows that really pour an immense amount of lighting into it. The lighting once it hits this floor, creates a classy and tasteful style, but still is able to portray a dark sense of bravery.

The Walnut, which is the darkest color in the collection, has a look of various percentages of melted milk chocolate flowing down the tile planks to slowly settle and rest with an absolute perfect place. Looking close enough to the knotting you can almost see the single left eye of a tiger staring at you. Each ribbon has a twist of black to a dark gray tone for an elegant shift from the everyday floor. Has a very secretive and cagy feel, that is perfect if you’re wanting to spice up your home with a little boldness.

Whether you’re using Shaw Hacienda tile flooring for inside your home to spruce up the interior or even outside to feature a faux deck on your patio to an exquisite office space, up the walls to across the floors. These color choices can leave a soft, comfortable living space to a strong confident work environment.

See something that you think would fit your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Shaw Hacienda collection in general. To see more vinyl collections from Shaw Tiles check them out here.

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