Shaw Castlewood

Shaw Castlewood Tower Hardwood Flooring

The Shaw Castlewood collection lends classic splendor to any space with a modern twist. This engineered hardwood comes in random plank lengths and 7.5" widths, keeping up with the modern sensibilities of interior design. Micro-beveled edges, a distressed texture, and Shaw's trademark DuraShield® Finish provide the perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and structural stability. Castlewood is available in two hardwood species; Hickory is offered in two colors while Oak has the bulk of the options provided in this stunningly beautiful Shaw engineered hardwood flooring collection. Hickory enthusiasts will love both the Ale and Coat of Arms shades, sporting fairly-light hues that complement any living area with its neutral tones and grain patterns.

Explore Castlewood's Light Colors

The Oak species in Shaw's Castlewood flooring collection comes in several colors that range from light to dark. Oak's lightest colors, Tapestry and Tower, work well in areas that benefit from off-white accents and subtle tones. Tower, the lightest color of the two, perfectly blends its delicate beige hue with heavy strains of white to give itself a unique and mesmerizing visual. When incorporated with dark brown furniture and décor, Tower is one to heavily illuminate its originality. With a much more enhanced, natural tone of beige is Tapestry. Tapestry, just like Tower, incorporates white accent into its grains that bring out its true authenticity. Great for areas of a home with darker furniture and décor as well.

Darker Options

Designers and homeowners who prefer something a little darker should consider the Arrow and Drawbridge options, both of which provide subdued shadows in areas that call for dramatic ambience. For a rich golden hue, we here at recommend Tallow or Trestle. These two shades feature hints of gold and cinnamon ideal for drawing in natural sunlight through large panoramic windows and skylights. The most dramatic colors in the collection include Hearth and Armory. The latter includes medium brown and grey tones with subtle hints of orange and dark green. Hearth combines several vivid colors that unite to create a natural-looking and compelling hardwood floor. Dark greys and browns are mixed with refined hints of red, orange, and dark green to create a striking statement in your home or office. Armory is a little different, for it combines light and dark shades of brown into one with little detail of greys and blacks that are gently carved into its graining. The blend of all components transforms this color to be an extremely chic and modern graphic, that looks exquisite with dark furniture and décor styles. Similar to the two is Romanesque, which is another medium brown tone that incorporates dark browns and pinkish tones within itself, producing a lovely color. If you’re the type of person who loves to mitch match wood furniture with your floors, this color is the one for you. The mixture of natural wood as well as burnt brown wood furniture colors, really illustrates, and brings out Romanesque’s features. Leaving that area of your home to look nothing less of stunning.

Installation Options

Shaw Castlewood is a smart flooring option as well; in addition to its visual aspects, this collection is made in the U.S. and offers a 50-year warranty in residential applications. Its variety of installation options also make this flooring compatible with several different climates, structures, and construction specifications. Castlewood can be installed via nails, glue, staples, or as a floating floor using an underlayment. The latter installation method is ideal for water-type radiant heated subfloors. Because this hardwood collection is engineered, it can be installed, at, above, or below grade, making it ideal for basement remodels as engineered wood is less prone to water damage, moisture, condensation, and warping.

Design Trends

Wide hardwood planks have become more popular in recent years due to their ability to increase spatial perception, especially in rooms with high ceilings and open floor plans. Narrow planks can sometimes make a space feel clostrophobic if the floor is not laid down correctly. The wide 7.5" dimensions in this Shaw collection also allow for more efficient cleaning, as fewer spaces between floor planks reduce the amount of dust that can accumulate. Many designers also claim that the wider planks provide for a smoother visual flow, making it easier to match furnishings and decorative wall accents to the floor's patterns. The soft, neutral tones of Castlewood wide planks pair very well with off-grey couches, tables, and bedroom sets, ideal for relaxed, quaint, carefree settings.

Castlewood Accessories

This series has several installation accessories available. When utilizing the floating method, Shaw has the Silent Step Ultra underlayment providing the best in noise reduction as well as one of the best moisture barriers available today on the market. The transition pieces that go along with Castlewood including a T Molding, Stairnose molding for steps, a reducer for a lower height floor and a Threshold molding which is ideal for ending against doorways and carpeted areas.

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