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Shaw Prime Plank

Shaw Prime Plank

Shaw Prime Plank is a vinyl collection that understands the many important aspects to consider when selecting the flooring type and style you want for your home. If an easy maintenance Shabby Chic look is what you’re striving for, then this collection is exclusively designed for you! The modern rustic feel fully provoked by this series is currently mesmerizing more than one consumer, and their exquisite color palette will be able to submerge you into that vintage, yet, glamorous and contemporary theme so popular today.

So, what is the Shaw Prime Plank Vinyl line all about? This is a vinyl ideally designed for areas receiving a constant, heavy amount of traffic on a daily basis. For this reason, this brand has manufactured these planks to be resistant and durable enough for both, residential and commercial use. In addition to this, elegance and style is an equally important focus here, and the sustainable and environmentally friendly characteristics about the product completely support this concept.

Moreover, these 7” x 48” vinyl planks’ with an Armour bead wear layer offers a durable, and extremely easy to clean, waterproof flooring. The collection is available in several different styles and hues that were all constructed to capture the eye of any individual who looks past it.

For today’s traditionalists, the colors Deep Mahogany and Burmese Teak will provide that warmth and classic wood look every house needs to feel like a home. Both colors incorporate shades of brown with blended mixtures of black hues to really extract the all natural wood visual everyone loves. Apart from the two, Weather Barnboard is one that is going to take us to that irresistible countryside style. This style greatly meshes together grays and tans that characterizes it so well to produce a rustic and modernized appearance, which everyone loves. Having a freshly sanded rough appearance and a subtle glimmer of white in the grains, the Tattered barnboard has an aged look as if this was painted and scraped for the pure purpose of recycling.

The Greyed Oak has delicate dark gray strokes with nearly hard to see natural knotting in the planks. A hidden hue of blue peeks through these planks have a calming sense of freedom with an idealistic enhancement of self-expression. Showing a bright side of an open air style the Whispering wood has a golden tone that leaves an abundance of vibrant truth to the natural lines that have been emphasized by an encouragement of a sincere lighter shades of brown. Available in other colors, this resilient vinyl demonstrates that the possibilities to personalize our homes and offices are truly endless.

Talk about convenience; Shaw Prime Plank Vinyl is also available with the three different stairnose, quarter round and omni trim multi-purpose trims, making it adequate for any type of installation and space. The urethane finish on these vinyl planks gives it that conventional appearance resembling natural wood. Overall, this is the flooring that residences and businesses were desperately waiting for. Because, elegance was, indeed, never this easy to achieve.

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