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Schluter Dilex

The Schluter Dilex AHK prevents dirt from accumulating in spaces and prevents surface water from damaging tile and other surfaces. This high quality product meets the requirements of commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and food-processing plants, making it ideal for any space where a sanitary cove base is desired. There is no special maintenance or care that is needed. The Dilex AHK is resistant to mold and fungi. Household cleaning agents are enough to keep these pieces clean. When it comes to anodized aluminum and color-coated aluminum it is best to not use abrasive cleaning agents.

The Dilex AHK comes in a variety of finishes such as brushed, satin, polished, stone, and rustic. The outside ninety degree corners are available as rounded corners and as square corners. The rounded corners integrate with RONDEC while the square corner integrates with QUADEC.

The Schluter Dilex AHK is designed for:

Inside wall corners

Countertop/backsplash transitions

Floor/wall transitions

The piece is available in a range of heights including:

5/16", 3/8", 1/2" or 9/16"

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