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Sant Agostino Aspen

Sant Agostino Aspen
The Sant Agostino Aspen porcelain tile collection is the union between porcelain and hardwood, capturing the beauty of gracefully aged aspen hardwood in the durable and gorgeous porcelain format. This combination creates an irresistible effect that integrates every aesthetic benefit of a natural hardwood appearance, as well as the functionality of tile. Together, they make this fabulous Italian compilation one to die for. Four colors, infinite possibilities to personalize your home. This series has a great diversity in hues and style when referring to an authentic aspen wood look; and yes, there is plenty for you to choose from. Introducing this gorgeous color palette is their Sant Agostino Sunset, which is a tan brown with grey staining in the form of a grain overlay; this specific selection’s accents could be interpreted as actual patches on the surface. With the smoke gray stain tonalities and markings, this porcelain achieves an antiqued aspen wood-look, preferred by users and designers striving for a reclaimed, yet, clean appearance ideally incorporated in Old World style and rustic traditional rustic interiors. Cherry is a wine brown hue with heavy charcoal graining and overlay, making for a handsomely aged hardwood. However, unlike actual hardwood, this porcelain tile has strength and durability worn hardwood may not. Burnt is the darkest brown hardwood option available, which presents imposing mocha tonalities capable of making a definitive and sophisticated design statement for any commercial and residential area. This color also includes a strong graining ebbing throughout the plank with occasional knots and stains. Finally, their Natural color selection is an ivory wood tone with heavy grey and brown overlay, giving this subtly tanned wood a rustic and reclaimed appearance. The Sant Agostino Aspen series is available in the simple and flexible size of 6” x 36”, sticking with what is typically found in hardwood dimensions, providing you with an incredibly authentic take on natural hardwood flooring.
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