Sant Agostino Blendart

Sant Agostino Blendart
Sant Agostino Blendart Tile is an exquisite line of porcelain employing every feature in quality, elegance and style needed to take your interiors to the next level. By making use of the advantages in the utilization of tile, this wood look portrays an authentic natural aspect, as well as an incredible potential to be incorporated into the most fashionable and trendiest modern rustic and contemporary spaces. The color palette and sizes presented by this collection only end by classifying these pieces as individual works of art, personalizing your home through a chic and glamorous appearance.

When referring to the colors, its important to note that each of these hues have the capability within them to drastically vary depending on the size and pattern selected for your surfaces. This is particularly convenient when striving to incorporate the same color throughout a residence or office, without making it look too uniform and/or dull. Because designing with variation is always more exciting and a creativity awakener, this compilation has brought us unique sizes and concepts for innovative, as well as traditional, wood looks. For example, their square 24 x 24 size is perfect for those wanting a natural hardwood aspect, without the customary wood plank resemblance. However, traditionalists can also choose this last look by selecting the typical plank size of 6 x 48, making it even harder for users to tell the difference from authentic natural hardwood floors.

Furthermore, this floor line color palette is another feature making your commercial and residential surroundings worthy of the most exclusive magazine covers. Starting with their smoky Dark, its gloominess and charcoal tonalities combined with touches of caramel and natural oak make this selection an ideal addition to any interior striving for a sophisticated shabby chic look. Followed by this is their subtle Grey, which through a smooth fossil shade and shadow aspect is still capable of portraying enough rustic features to be integrated into the trendiest styles of our time, including our favorite picturesque country farmhouse style and the elegance of more modern eclectic spaces. And if youre still leading towards a natural oak aspect while still possessing a fine rusticity and reclaimed look, their Natural color is definitely the one you were waiting for, presenting blond and contrasting chocolate brown hues, ideal for more innovative and fashion-forward decor. Finally, their White concludes by balancing interiors out through a stylish coconut white and pigeon grey accents, screaming class and originality as loud as this gorgeous and imposing option allows it.

Its time to take your interior spaces to the limit through a collection that shows us there is no limit. Sant Agostino Blendart Tile is here to revolutionize even the most conservative ideas in design. Surround yourself with beauty and innovation (and yes, its that easy).
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