Responsive Elegance

Responsive Elegance
The Elegance range of vinyl flooring from Responsive has sophisticated, natural wood designs that provide a touch of luxury to every room. Elegance offers exceptional protection against stains and scratches to keep your floor looking good at all times. Additional benefits include optimal underfoot comfort and excellent dimensional stability. The ambiance of the space is greatly changed by impressive flooring. The Elegance planks are available in three various moldings, including T Mould, Reducer, End Cap, and Stair Nose, and are 7 inches wide by 48 inches long with a 20-mil wear layer. Choose Prestige right now to reinvent and improve your house.

One of the finest aspects of the Elegance line is its UV surface treatments, which are excellent at resisting scratches and stains and are completely waterproof and inset-proof. This layer is a thin micron layer that covers the floorings surface. It is treated on the surface of the flooring using UV light. Despite being the thinnest, this layer is the most important. The UV protects the surface from stains, deflects UV rays, and ensures that sunlight exposure does not cause the floor to degrade over time. The UV coating provides outstanding shine and wear resistance as well. Superior chemical and physical properties are offered by the coating, along with rapid cure capabilities. Vinyl flooring may have enhanced anti-bacterial and anti-pollution qualities after receiving UV coating treatment. It may also have a longer wear-resistant layer lifespan, be simpler to clean, effectively absorb ultraviolet radiation, and postpone product aging.

Besides the top UV layer Impact Elegance is made up of four other layers. The second layer is Elegances transparent .50mm wear layer. This wear layer which sits right under the UV layer, protects against abrasion and Improves Colour and Embossing. The .10mm film layer is the 3rd layer. The film layer has an elegant wood aesthetic which makes it organic looking with a natural feel. The 4th layer is the 4.35mm rigid core. This resilient construction gives dimensional stability to the flooring. This is where the Uniclic Click System installation system is employed, which makes for an easy and fast installation. The backing made of 1.50 mm - 1.50 mm IXPE is the fifth and last layer. To insulate sound and give comfort underfoot, the IXPE Backing offers exceptional grip.

The Uniclic installation procedure is one of the useful aspects of the Elegance line that makes your life simpler. The flooring panels long and short sides may both be locked into place without the need for adhesive. Uniclic is categorized as an angle or basic locking profile, thus it must be mounted using an angular rotation motion. It may be installed fast and easily. Uniclic may also be set up horizontally by joining the boards together. Installers frequently utilize pre-tension, and Uniclic is renowned for its strong locking capabilities. Because of how the contacting surfaces and joint gaps are arranged, the flexible bottom lip of the Uniclic system allows for larger machining tolerances without compromising the strength of the interlocking joints. Pre-tension has several advantages, such as how firmly the Uniclic profiles interlock, which limits the movement of two boards when they are stepped on and lessens the creaking sounds that are commonly heard in other floors fitted without glueless locking.

The color options offered by Responsive round off the amazing characteristics of Elegance. Every design option may be accommodated by the twelve distinct wood tones that are available. The deeper coffee tone of Responsive Elegance Espresso Hickory will contrast effectively with lighter walls and furnishings in your house. In contrast, the lighter wood hue of Responsive Ginger Beech will ideally integrate in if your house has a lot of darker color schemes.
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