Responsive Artisan

Responsive Artisan
Responsive Artisan Edge vinyl flooring collection has elegant, natural wood patterns that add a sense of elegance to any space. To maintain the wonderful appearance of your floor at all times, Artisan Edge provides great protection against stains and scratches. The best underfoot comfort and outstanding dimensional stability are further advantages. The amazing flooring significantly alters the atmosphere of the room. The Elegance boards are 7 inches wide by 60 inches long, with a 22 mil wear layer, and come in three different moldings, including T Mould, Reducer, End Cap, and Stair Nose. Select Artisan Edge right away to redesign and enhance your home.

Another of the Artisan Edge lines best features is its UV surface treatments, which are extremely resistant to scratches and stains and are entirely waterproof and inset-proof. This layer is a thin micron layer that covers the surface of the flooring. UV light is used to treat the floorings surface. Despite being the smallest, this layer is crucial. The UV protects the surface from stains, deflects UV rays, and prevents the floor from degrading over time due to sunlight exposure. The UV coating gives excellent gloss and wear resistance. The coating provides superior chemical and physical qualities, as well as quick cure capabilities. After having UV coating treatment, vinyl flooring may have improved anti-bacterial and anti-pollution properties. It may also have a longer wear-resistant layer lifetime, be easier to clean, absorb UV radiation efficiently, and delay product aging.

Impact Artisan Edge has four layers in addition to the top UV layer. Elegances transparent 55mm wear layer is the second layer. This wear layer, which rests just beneath the UV layer, protects against abrasion while also improving color and embossing. The third layer is the 10mm film layer. The film layer has an attractive wood style, making it seem organic and natural. The 4.35mm stiff core is the fourth layer. This robust structure offers the flooring dimensional stability. This is where the Uniclic Click mechanism installation mechanism comes into play, allowing for a simple and quick installation. The fifth and final layer is a 1.50 mm - 1.50 mm IXPE backing. The IXPE Backing provides a great grip to muffle sound and provide comfort underfoot.

The Uniclic installation technique is one of the Artisan Edge lines beneficial features that makes your life easier. The long and short sides of the flooring panel may be secured into place without the need for glue. Because Uniclic is classified as an angle or basic locking profile, it must be installed utilizing an angular rotation action. It is simple and quick to install. Uniclic may also be put up horizontally by connecting the boards. Pre-tension is widely used by installers, and Uniclic is well-known for its excellent locking qualities. The flexible bottom lip of the Uniclic system allows for higher machining tolerances without affecting the strength of the interlocking joints due to the arrangement of the contacting surfaces and joint gaps. Pre-tensioning offers various advantages, including how tightly the Uniclic profiles interlock, which minimizes the movement of two boards when they are stepped on and reduces the creaking noises found in other floors installed without glueless locking.

The color options provided by Responsive round off Artisan Edges excellent features. The eight varied wood tones offered may meet any design preference. Responsive Artisan Edge Artemiss darker tone will work well with lighter walls and furniture in your home. In contrast, if your home has a lot of darker color schemes, the lighter wood tone of Responsive Artisan Edge Aurora will blend in well.
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