Ragno Rewind

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The minimal look is in and Ragno Rewind is joining the trend. This simple yet elegant modern tile series features 5 contemporary colors that will add both a stylish and elegant flair to your room project. To add to the contemporary design, there are hexagonal honeycomb slab designs, allowing you to artistically coordinate the pieces like a puzzle and create your own patterns with this fun, modern shape.

The colors of this series are a smooth and clean selection, such as with Ragno USA Rewind Corda. This hue is a simple off-white cream with a gentle, speckled texture as it captures the look of cotto flooring in a modern style. Polvere is a darker cream with a tinge of brown mixed in, giving the stone a smooth, fluffy chocolate color reminiscent of a whipped nougat. Vanilla is the lightest cream color, embodying an off-white color blended with a light grey speckling texture to give it its overall light appearance. Peltro is a rich, dark grey color reminiscent of an angry storm-cloud during the summer monsoon season. Lighter grey tones gently stain the grey, giving the grey slab slightly more depth. Tabacco is the second darkest tone after Peltro as Tobacco is a dark brown color with a blend of grey overlay, giving the tile its overall dark brown appearance.

The Ragno USA Remind is available in 3 sizes, depending on your project and personal tastes. The hexagonal honeycomb shapes come in a size of 8

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