Quick Step Provision

Quick Step Provision

Quick Stepís laminate flooring allows you to experience the elegance of hardwood with the durability of laminate. The Quick Step Provision collection is made with the NatureTEK select waterproof flooring system. This waterproof system is able to protect laminate against spills, damp mopping, and pet accidents. On top of that the protective wear layer on the laminate is able to protect it against scratches, stains, and fading.

These floors are also easy to install. With the Uniclic patented technology this locking system eliminates the need for glue-on installation. The installation process of tight-locking joints also helps prevent water damage, warping due to the environment, gapping, and height differences between the planks. Quick Stepís floors are nontoxic. These floors are FloorScore certified through an independent laboratory. Youíll never have to worry about toxic chemicals being in your home.

The Collection

Quick Stepís Provision collection is made up of five different laminate flooring options. The collection offers a variety of grey flooring options. Hardin Oak is the darkest option in the collection. A dark grey laminate floor with a blend of light grey throughout, this option is perfect for those who want a more dramatic and bold flooring choice.

Tipton is another dark color in this collection. Lighter than Hardin Oak, this laminate flooring choice is a medium-tone brown-grey color. With knots throughout the planks and a blend of varying hues, this is a laminate option with a lot of character to it.

Bedford Oak, Franklin Oak, and Madison Oak are all lighter grey laminate flooring options. Franklin Oak is the brightest of the three with light grey tones throughout the dusty grey planks. Madison Oak is a slightly darker version of Franklin Oak. Lastly, Bedford Oak is a medium tone brown that is perfect for a more modern space.

See something you really like? Give us a call at 510-698-5142 or live chat with us for more information. If you want to see more Quick Step collections, check out Quick Step Classic and Quick Step Leuco.

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