QU-Cork Imagery

QU-Cork Imagery
The QU-Cork Imagery collection is an easier pill to swallow in cork flooring as this selection is dressed as hardwood planks – you wouldn’t even know they’re cork upon first glance! That’s due to the fact that the cork actually lies underneath the surface where a hardwood design is on top. This is to appeal to those that want more of typical appealing appearance of flooring with all the benefits of cork blended in – because let’s face it – cork design isn’t for the faint of heart.

This cork flooring selection is available in 6 colors that range from a more traditional look to a contemporary look. There is an incredibly gorgeous QU-Cork Imagery Larch Tundra, which is a slick silver colored “wood” complete with all the grey graining and wormholes you’d find on hardwood. Antique H Pine is your typical golden hardwood with bold brown grains and large, bold knots and wormholes scattering throughout the plank. Oak Vintage takes on the rustic look with a dark, sandy color with large, bold, and dark knots and worm holes mixed in, giving the design an overall aged look. There are of course more color options to choose from – these selections just highlight the wood-styles available.

The QU-Cork Imagery collection planks measure 7¾” x 68¾”, an impressive length size that will really cover your space with ease.
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