Patcraft Stratified

Patcraft Stratified
Patcraft Stratified Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring brings intricate patterns and rich textures through 8 stunning color choices. Each point on the color spectrum is dotted by this weather inspired collection, which shows the charming effects of lush and desert vistas alike. 12” x 24” vinyl tiles put the stunning details on full display.

Rooms of all sizes will enjoy design benefits from these dimensions. Larger spaces will feel more inviting while smaller rooms will seem more open. The vinyl tile’s color and room’s décor will accentuate or dilute this effect according to your needs.

For instance, Stratified Plateau 1700V-00750 is steeped in weather worn allure in an earthy color mixing dirt and sand. Kitchens and living rooms are wise choices for this soothing tone. Use white or beige drapes for a subtle complement or darker fabrics for a deeper contrast.

You can incorporate rain inspired elements with Stratified Mist 1700V-00100. The presence of fog and rain are apparent in the grayish white tones. This is an ideal choice for kitchen spaces with reclaimed wood concepts, such as cabinets and furniture. Light blues and bright whites create a waterfront ambience in any living space.

This collection features a slew of eco-friendly benefits as well. The material is made largely from post-consumer recycled content and is FloorScore certified for low VoCs. With anti-microbial properties, the deeply embossed finish also improves cleanliness in kitchens or other spaces subject to food and drink spills.

A durable finish is easy to clean and resistant to stains or scratches. These low maintenance qualities give families more time to enjoy their investment rather than cleaning. Patcraft includes residential and commercial warranties for added assurance.

Adhesive installation is time efficient and provides a lasting fit for years to come. Contractors can meet time deadlines and provide a worry free experience for their clients with this collection.

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