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Parterre Vinyl

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Parterre Vertu vinyl flooring blends authentic details and engineered quality for lasting beauty. These wood look floors feature various tree species in an array of colors. The vast selection of 26 colors allows you to customize the design effect of separate rooms with the same collection.

You will see the details and etching of each 6” wide plank. Vinyl floors with broader widths help open up smaller rooms and make larger spaces feel cozier. A 3mm thickness helps deaden noise and creaking that can plague other choices.

The surface is durable and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty from Parterre. Designers can choose this collection for rooms with all levels of foot traffic, including front spaces. Glue down installation provides a lasting fit and helps contractors stay on schedule.

Durable quality and fine details are the common denominator in the many color choices. Vertu Haystack Oak 11604 is a versatile option with neutral tones. An oak floor exudes timeless appeal and adds rustic charm to living rooms, bedrooms and dens. Antique décor and bright colored drapes create a stark contrast that draws attention. Consider rooms bathed in natural light to fully reveal the rich patterns and details of each plank.

For exotic flair through a darker color; turn to Vertu Starry Oak 11671. You will see shades of green, gray and charcoal to add warmth in various living spaces. A home office or living room with eclectic décor are wise choices for this model. This coloration takes the guesswork out of mixing modern design trends with classic charm.

Vertu Empire Linear Oak brings the simplicity of a single color to multiple settings. The gunmetal gray oak add radiance to bedrooms splashed in morning sun. Interior designers can now pair wood and light in a way not usually possible.

Questions or need an estimate? Please call to order Parterre Vertu vinyl flooring or learn more.

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