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Mohawk Bolder

Mohawk Bolder

The Mohawk Hot and Heavy Bolder is a gorgeous yet simple luxury vinyl tile. It’s bold and chic with its oversized size format of 36” x 36” and its loose lay installation is a cinch. It is the face of contemporary style with 8 colors to choose from.

This series sports neutral color options fit for a modern room. Hot and Heavy Bolder Sulfur is an industrial bronze hue, reminiscent of the structure of an industrial building. Sandstone is another industrial color, this time taking the look of a diluted copper hue. Moving into the greys, there is a Calcite hue, which is a light grey with a tinge of brown, producing a look similar to a concrete sidewalk. Darker hues include Schist, which is a rich charcoal tone and perfect for those looking for a bold, intense look. The darkest tone is Onyx, a strong iron brown tipping towards the color black, ideal for settings that want to make a statement with color contrast. Gypsum is the lightest tone available in the series as an ivory hue, sticking closer to a more traditional flooring color yet retaining its contemporary style.

With such brilliant colors, Mohawk Hot and Heavy Bolder makes a great choice for a seriously contemporary flooring option. Before making your final decision, be sure to consider each hue available!

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