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Mohawk Matuto Plus

Mohawk Matuto Plus
If you’re looking to do something different with your commercial space and let your creative side shine, then look no further than the Mohawk Global Entry Matuto. Taken from the Filipino word for “teacher”, this luxury vinyl series looks back to your school days where your teacher inspired you to be creative and curious about the world around you. With 6 brilliant colors of the rainbow to choose from to blend with 9 neutral contemporary colors, the sky is the limit with your creativity.

Brilliant colors in this series include Global Entry Matuto Red Hot, a fire engine red hue that is sure to be the first thing to grab someone’s attention upon entering the room. Outrageous Orange is another vibrant color as a neon orange color. This color rivals that of Red Hot in terms of eye-popping, attention-grabbing style. Unmellow Yellow lives up to its name as a loud and sunny yellow, blowing the socks off of lemons and bananas alike in brightness. Toning it down, you have Vivid Violet, a gorgeous dark purple with red blends to give it its violet look. Blue Night captures the dusky desert sky that’s transitioning to our familiar night sky glittered with stars. Grass Green is on the darker side of the rainbow spectrum, capturing the lush beauty of nature’s natural carpet: grass.

These rainbow options pair best a variety of rainbow colors and with neutral colors such as Mohawk Global Entry Matuto Blackout, a charcoal colored vinyl option that you’d typically find in contemporary office settings. Frostbite is a light grey bordering territory with white, making it another great color to pair with any of the colorful vinyl options listed. Of course with so many colors they can’t all be listed here, so be sure to check them all out!
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