Mohawk Aladdin Set In Motion

Mohawk Aladdin Set In Motion
If youíre looking for great commercial carpeting, look no further as Mohawk Set in Motion has just what youíre looking for. Offering unique pattern designs, this commercial carpet collection is sure to give you something more on the unique side. Not to mention, with the SmartCushion feature, youíll get a soft touch with each step you take which is rather unusual for commercial flooring (but a welcome change)!

This commercial carpeting selection offers 11 neutral options for you to choose from, such as the Mohawk Set in Motion Blue Stream hue. This hue is composed of a mix between a navy background and a lighter blue pattern design. Graphite offers a snappy hue that has a black background with a tan colored pattern laid out on top. River Rock is a hue that blends a tinge of green to dark brown with beige striped pattern. Titanium is a dark grey color with silver patterning, giving you a more modern feel to your office space along with Graphite. Indigo is more on the usual side of coloring as it is a blend of purple and blue creating a dark, rich blue color. Tan is the overlay color thanks to the pattern found meshed in.

The Mohawk Set in Motion carpet collection comes in a 24í x 24í size which makes installation in your commercial space a breeze as you donít have to hassle with the smaller, typical 12í size. With all this in mind, this makes a great option for your commercial flooring project.
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