Mirage Transition Tile

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Mirage Transition Tile presents us with a unique concept in porcelain tile, integrating their popular fabric and ceramic looks on tile and incredibly modern patterns on your wall and floor surfaces. If you’re constantly striving for new and inimitable, then this is the collection your home and business were waiting for. With an exquisite neutrality in color scheme and endless possibilities to create the impossible, we’re here to introduce you to one of the freshest and most irresistible collections out there.

One of the features offered by this porcelain tile compilation that our customers love is the stunning patterns and rhythms that can be created with the transitional movement characteristic of this flooring line. This is an excellent aid when planning possible focal points and accents in your interior spaces.

Additionally, the neutrality in color provided by this collection is another attractive element here, starting with their Ostuni selection, which resembles a muted cinder block gray capable of being blended with most taupes and tans. Followed by this is Fade, which through the transitional linear movement already mentioned goes from a light greige to an ash shade combined with a few browns and beiges. Their option Lecce strives to maintain this neutral fashion through a subtle fossil gray: just blendable and gorgeous. And for those who love taupes with a touch of gray, Matera is our most “French” gray, vanishing most of its coolness through a beautiful toffee tonality. Lastly, pure grays are here to conclude this color palette with class and sophistication through silver resemblances on their choice Torino, as well as a darker anchor gray hue found on Milano.

Finally, this collection shows us conscious beauty by implementing “important ethical choices” for the manufacture of their product. The tile is made out of recycled materials, with fabrication techniques that guarantee excellent resistance and durability. The squarely shaped 24” x 24” tiles provide us with such classic size for traditionalists looking for a not-so-classic look! Be an example of elegant innovation through Mirage Transition Tile.

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