Mirage Admiration Red Oak

Mirage Admiration Red Oak
The Mirage Hardwood Red Oaks flooring selections do not consist of only red hues available in the collection; red oak is a misnomer. Though there are red hues, brown is the dominant color found in this style range of flooring.

Red Oak actually has plenty of color choices to offer, such as Mirage Hardwood Red Oaks Carousel. This style of wood is such a light tan color that its actually taking on a bit of a pinkish peach look, giving you a truly unique flooring experience. Oak Chateau takes similar characteristics from Carousel but presents a much bolder color with tans and greys blending together seamlessly to create rustic look, complete with knotting and wormholes found throughout the plank. Red Oak Exclusive is not red but it is a handsome light golden tone with darker golden lines and graining running throughout the hardwood. There are also rather rustic options available such as Old Red Oak Barn Wood, which is a greyish hue that has overtaken brown. Completing the antique look is the knotting and wormholes found within this particular hue and style. Red Oak Tree Bark is another antiqued look with your classic brown splotched with grey graining and dark knotting and wormholes, giving you a look of a tree that has seen many things throughout its life. And these are just a handful of the colors offered with this hardwood style.

The Mirage Hardwood Engineered Red Oaks is available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. These styles of hardwood can range from 3 5/16, which is a rather small sized plank, 4 1/4, which is another rather small size for wooden planks, and a 5 and 6 size, leaning closer to regular hardwood size available. With this style of flooring your options are definitely wide enough to give you plenty of flexibility in your flooring project.
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