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Milliken Commercial Luxury Vinyl Flooring collection has a durable five-layer construction for a 2.5 mm overall thickness. This high impact durable flooring has multiple possibilities for installation. Whether you’re looking to have a traditional layout to the popular herringbone or even a standard brick layout pattern these prints will have your floors being a conversation starter for years to come. Your options are endless, from the abstract eye teasers to the natural stone and the classic wood grain, the Milliken LVT has something to suit any design eye.

The Abstract fibre is an 18’’ x 36’’ tile with four contemporary colors to choose from. The FIB209 has a baby blue and gray color that’s entwined with one another for a subdued rejuvenation for the area of which this flooring lays.

FIB213 is a more Icey hue so bright and crisp almost close to a new fallen snow that’s shadowed by the early moon rise on a chilly winter day. FIB144 has a reminder of a light gray suit on a slender gentleman walking into his office. The smoothness of this light to dark shades of grays are so uniform and flawless. The FIB5 with its deep darkness close to black, reaches high with a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The Abstract Twist is a 18’’ x 18’’ square tile that can be confusing to the eye with its similarity to fibers. With eight colors in this collection you can bounce from a soft light toss of whites to light grays or a brushing of a light beige, dark tans to a darker gray almost black in tone.

The Stone Charlotte is an 18’’ x 18’’ tile has eight colors to fit your needs. From a crisp bright eye piercing white with just the right amount of pale blue, and fresh shaved off the side of Mount Rushmore look. Right down to the deepest darkest black that’s so intense with such energy it exudes power and control.

The Serpeggiante is a 12’’ x 24’’ tile that shows some likeness to wood and stone. With a bleached stone with a resemblance to a white marble to a darker sand stone color. With its rich shades of milk chocolate the SER124-114 stands out in this variety of options.

The Milliken Commercial Luxury Vinyl flooring collection is featured with a one year period warranty from when you purchase your flooring. Warrants free from any manufacturing defects within that one year and will be authorized for repair or replacement of the affected area of the installed flooring.

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