Marazzi Merona

Marazzi Merona

The Marazzi Merona collection is ideal wood-look tile for a simple, yet stunning exterior or interior project with a wood finish. Inspired by comfort and simplicity, these porcelain planks come in a large format 8” by 40” format to make finish a job simple and straightforward. Its smooth colors, textures and natural grain encourages relaxation in any space it’s installed. The simplicity of the Merona series removes all the headache of stylistic choice and maximizes the comfort.

As a product that’s made in the USA and certified porcelain, the simplicity of this series does not mean sacrificing quality. Marazzi Merona tile is slip resistant, so you can step with confidence and the built-in durability makes this tile perfect for indoor or outdoor use. With the Merona collection, Marazzi incorporate the concept of hygge, a Danish term meaning “cozy and comfortable.” It’s apparent that they have succeeded in creating the perfect wood-look tile collection for comfort and style. The soft matte finish over the stylish colors can fit the aesthetic of any space.

The Merona collection does not need to make loud statements with a multitude of distinct colors. Instead, to maximize simplicity while creating a beautiful piece of tile, they limit their looks to some of the most vibrant and striking finish that are sure to stun anyone that sees them. The Grey is distinct and inviting as its ashen face makes the wood grain stand out. The Brown is deep, smooth finish with hints of chocolate and hazel in the woodgrain face, making traceable patterns that beg to be touched. Invite the light into a space with the White shade of the Merona series, a fresh chalky off white with darker greys and lighter whites that make this milky look an instant winner in any space. The Natural look is one of the most stunning colors, a fawn look that looks like it just came out of a sawmill and landed at your feet.

Make an interior room shine with a natural look or turn a boring wall into an inviting staple in your home or office with the white finish. Make a drab dining room a place of happiness and warmth with the brown look. Turn an outdoor patio or deck into the perfect get away with the grey Merona tile. The simplicity of this series is what makes it versatile and the perfect fit to encourage comfort and happiness.

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