Mannington Restoration

Mannington Restoration

Mannington Restoration wood-look laminate flooring mixes vintage charm and engineered quality for all your living spaces. You will enjoy a reclaimed look that adds character to rooms of all sizes. An expansive array of 65 floor colors crosses the design spectrum and meets all palettes. This variety found in this collection helps remodeling projects stay on schedule and within your specific budgets. Fine craftsmanship mimics the natural attributes of oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and the exotic teak, among others. In the Restoration collection you will see swirls, color variations, and graining that exude weather-worn appeal.

Restoration Specifications

New laminate floors seem steeped in time, yet have many advantages as a hardwood alternative. The surface is stain and scratch resistant as well as easy to maintain. An impressive 12mm thickness in Mannington Restoration planks protects against the moisture damage that can plague real wooden counterparts. You can install laminates with confidence in rooms with all levels of foot traffic, such as front spaces, kitchens, and even patios. This flexibility helps designers bring authentic hardwood appeal to spaces in a way that is not otherwise possible. Even the most demanding tastes will appreciate the genuine details, textures, and grain patterns apparent in each panel thanks to Mannington's very own advanced printing technologies.

Mannington SpillShield

Mannington's trademarked SpillShieldTM technology is also exclusively offered on Restoration laminate floors. This is the first technology to actively resist moisture, protecting against standing moisture, spills, and even pet messes. An extensive 72-hour moisture warranty states your floors will not be damaged if proper care is taken, giving you added peace of mind that your floor can hold up to all of life's curve balls. SpillShieldTM also ensures that Mannington Restoration laminate floors can be installed in bathrooms without worry.

Colors of Restoration

Rustic Oaks

Arcadia is a darker series with an intense hardwood look that showcases its naturally bold character with a very subtle wire-brushed effect. Two browns (Bark and Firewood) and a darker smoky grey (Smoke) are offered in this color category. Within each color-palette selection, Arcadia does a fantastic job of smoothly blending its dark browns and greys with very minimal white accents that creates a rustic masterpiece within each pattern. If you're a lover of modern-day, contemporary design that intermixes elements of shabby-chic décor, this is certainly the flooring choice for you. You'll appreciate the perfect pastoral time-worn oakwood graphic Arcadia provides.

Historic Oak is one that holds all the characteristics of a reclaimed wood floor, mixing its realistic saw marks and nail holes within one another to really create a naturally rustic style. This series offers brown tones that consume light and dark hues, incorporating faint white streaks within its grain to portray a beautiful time- and weather-worn wood floor. Historic Oak looks impeccable in wide areas such as living rooms and kitchens, complemented nicely with dark browns and décor styles that utulize black shades in furnishings as well as wall accents.

Are you looking at lighter shades for your kitchen or living room floors? Look no further than Mannington Restoration's Black Forest Oak. The radiant accents help kitchens and living rooms of all sizes seem more expansive and stately. This perfectly constructed floor offers its colors to be intertwined with flawless marks, knots, and rich graining patterns that glide throughout each plank effortlessly. This produces a calm and content feeling. Rooms with natural light exposure such as foyers and breakfast nooks will reveal the distinct accents of each color for a bright and cheery sensation, albeit with a hint of sophistication.

Two-Strip Visuals

Whiskey Mill is a popular choice because of its mixed visuals and inspiration from aged barrels. The 8-inch planks available in the Restoration collection are split down the middle to provide a more varied, tattered appearance in tune with modern rustic design. The top finish of these laminates are reminiscent of handcrafted, hand-scraped woods directly harvested from the forest.

Keystone Oak is another yet slightly different two-strip visual option. The planks for this color choice alternate between full-bodied 8-inch widths and ones that are split in 5-inch and 3-inch sections, providing a unique flowing visual not normally present in other run-of-the-mill laminate flooring collections. Offered in four shades, the planks range from bronze to grey. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even go a step further by alternating colors to increase the visual variation in this series.

Coastal Colors

The Nantucket option is offered in a bright grey Driftwood, a muted Sand Dollar, and Sea Shell, the latter of which is a blended beige that makes the planks look as if they had just washed ashore after a strong torrent. Sand Dollar and Driftwood are the lighter of the three colors, ideal for drawing natural light into rooms with high ceilings and wall-to-wall panoramic windows.

Seaview Pine is a popular favorite since actual pinewood is not the best material for flooring applications due to its naturally inherent porosity; in other words, it's too soft and permeable to withstand even moderate foot traffic for very long. With Seaview Pine from Restoration, you can enjoy pine aesthetics without the precarious maintenance that goes along with the species. The Sand option is the most varied of the colors offered in Seaview; the color contrast between planks is quite pronounced, replete with hints of beige, peach, and grey all mixed together.

Colors of Nature

Nothing quite satisfies hardwood purists like undisturbed natural colors found in the wilderness, completely devoid of fancy finishes or glossy varnish. The dusty, unfinished patina in the Treeline options truly grasps the concept of being one with nature, leaving the wood as closest as it was before extraction from the earth. Of course these laminates require no wood to be harvested, but the realism found in the Treeline series would fool even the most skilled woodsman from a distance. The Spring and Fall options are both beautiful intermediate browns that exude the natural elegance of oak, while the Winter shade is a grey that will create the feeling of a brisk bright morning.

The maple species has always exemplified traditional antiquated construction, and the Woodland Maple color options are great for creating an ambience of time-tested sophistication. The dusty, muted finishes are reminiscent of colonial-style estates built deep into the forest, with the mid-tone browns of the Fawn option ideal for eye-catching antiquated sensibility. The Mist and Branch shades incorporate more intermediate greys that provide a subtler ambience, while the sandy charcoal browns of Acorn work best with a standard rustic décor.

Accessories For Your Project

In order to make your next Mannington flooring project complete, don't forget to look at the accessories you'll need. The Whisper Underlayment is best for soundproofing while the AquaBarrier II Underlayment is better for areas prone to moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. To keep your floor looking smooth and finished without any strange transitions or gaps, we also offer Mannington's stairnose, T-moldings, reducer moldinsg, laminate end cap moldings, and quarter round moldings.

With Mannington Restoration, laminate has never looked so good.

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Have a messy household? Restoration Collection floors are protected by SpillShield Waterproof Warranty.
No need to worry about spills, melting ice cubes, water dripping, pets and more which makes it great for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.

Scratch Pet & Kid Resistant

Mannington laminate flooring is one of the most durable and environmentally friendly floors.
Made from over 70% recycled content, using low-VOC inks and adhesives.
Mannington laminate is FloorScore certified, up to 5x more scratch resistance than hardwood floor ensuring good indoor air quality for your home.

Mannington Restration Kid Pet

Made In the USA

The entire Restoration Collection is made in the USA. All floors are FloorScore certified which means they are independently tested and meet stringent indoor air quality standards. This certification also qualifies all of our floors for low VOCs.

Mannington Restration Kid Pet


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