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Lifecore H2OME

Lifecore H2OME
The Lifecore H2ome collection is made up of four different collections. Each collection offers rich hardwood flooring options that add character and charm to a space.

Each plank comes with a low VOC, UV hardened finish. This finish is typically more durable than other conventional two-component flooring finished. The finish gives the floor protection from every day wear and tear as well as giving it greater durability for the overall life of the floor.

When it comes to installation there floors can be installed using an easy click lock system as well as the glue or float method.

The collections come with a 50 year Residential warranty, a 15 year Light Commercial warranty, and a Lifetime Structural warranty.

The Collection

Lifecore H2ome City Spa Energy

The Lifecore H2ome City Spa Energy collection is made up of five different flooring options. Energy is a deep, coffee brown. The floor adds a bold appearance to a space and pairs well with a range of different interior design styles. It adds a sophisticated appearance to a space. Escape is a warm, golden blonde blend of both light and chestnut brown tones. The floor is perfect for a living room or bedroom space. Relaxed is a warm golden blonde floor with dark knots throughout. The floor has a contemporary yet slightly rustic feel to it. The knots throughout the floor add more character to it and give it a more rustic appearance. Serenity is a light blend of both blonde and light ashy blonde tones. The floor is a perfect neutral backdrop for a range of spaces. Spa Vibrant is a warm blend of golden brown and chestnut tones. The floor has an overall warm tone to it that adds an inviting feel in a space and pairs well with a range of colors and interior design options.

Lifecore H2ome Designer Splash

Contemporary Calm is a wheat-colored floor that gives a space a contemporary calm feel. The extra wide planks highlight the knots and streaks throughout the floor and give a space an open and inviting feeling. Townhome Tan is made up of stained khaki hued planks that blend with warm, mid-tone browns. The floor has a slightly aged appearance to it that adds charm to a space. Light Source is a light floor that is a blend of light beige tones and light blonde highlights. Studio Loft is a similar blend of light blonde tones. Both options are perfect as a neutral flooring option.

Lifecore H2ome Farmhouse Fresh Oak

Cottage Charm is a cool dove grey floor that has an aged, reclaimed appearance to this. The old appearance of these floors gives it a charming appearance that adds character to a space. Manor House is a cool toned brown floor that is a blend of light, ashy browns and warmer, darker browns. The floor has an aged appearance to it that adds a sophisticated appearance to a space. This floor is perfect for a living room or dining room space. Summer Home is a beige toned floor that has a peaceful appearance to it.

Lifecore H2ome Urban Oasis Oak

Nature Kissed is a stunning contemporary floor that combines all the elements that make hardwood flooring stunning. The rustic looking wood and graining with knots throughout give this floor an aged and rugged appearance while the wide planks and rich honey brown tones make a statement in any space. Organic Home is a blend of both light blonde tones and warm deep browns. The floor has a hickory feel to it while the contrasting tones give the floor an elegant appearance. Reactive Wave has an inviting warm tone to it. The floor is a blend of golden brown tones that make it a bold neutral that compliments a range of spaces. Restful Ripple is a warm, rich blend of deep chestnut browns and golden yellow tones.

See something that you think would fit your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to flooring or the Lifecore H2ome collection in general.

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