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Kertiles Jade

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For centuries, marble has been widely used as a way to breathe elegance into every inch of a space, both inside and out. While its beauty is unmatched, marble itself is not inherently strong, so while an application of this gorgeous material is highly favored in the industry, the upkeep is not desirable to most. Because of this, many companies have worked hard to create alternatives that closely match the same stunning appearance as natural marble tile, and Kertiles is no exception to that effort. With that said, Kertiles has designed Jade, a collection that perfectly replicates the delicate and beautiful look that marble affords. Jade is a great option for trendy and traditional applications alike.

With a palette that is three colorways strong, Jade can be found in both White and Black along with Statuary, which offers the marbleized graining of the most commonly seen type of marble. Additionally, Jade is available in a wide range of sizes, which span from 2.5 X 12 to a very contemporary 32 X 32 tile. All things considered, if it is pure elegance that is being sought after, Jade is a perfect choice.

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