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Kertiles Bambu Fabrique

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The Kertiles Bambu Fabrique porcelain tile series, applicable for both floor and wall use, provides beauty and elegance wherever applied in any home. This gorgeous tile is comparable to the Daltile Fabrique collection, with a lower price point, and features a soft appearance, showcasing strands reminiscent of fabric. The Kertiles Bambu Fabrique line is perfect for adding an artistic flair to a space, and works well as an accent to either contemporary or urban designs. These tiles are also available in sizes 24” x 24” and 12” x 24” , with mosaics available, allowing for freedom of design in their application.

The Kertiles Bambu Fabrique tile collection is not only a low cost alternative to Daltile Fabrique, but also features color options that Fabrique does not offer, such as Noce, a dark, almost black shade; Dark, a greyish tan color; Beige, an option with high shade variation that features hues of tan, green, and white; and Light, a honey tan that pairs excellently with any design scheme. These gorgeous tiles are absolutely perfect for creating an exciting space that is sure to become a conversation starter, providing a look that is soft, artistic, and unique. This beautiful porcelain tile collection will change the look of any home’s floor or walls, offering a means of transforming a room into a stunning, eye-catching space that anyone can be proud of. To order a sample of Kertiles Bambu Fabrique porcelain tile, click here.

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