Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals

Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals
Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals hardwood flooring brings Nordic charm in radiant shades that make a bold statement in any living space or design scheme. The 3 available colors boast distinct patterns and grain with the common benefits of hand scraped details.

You will see rich details, etchings and grain in each hardwood floor plank. This is facilitated by a strikingly lovely 7 7/8” width that puts the artistry on full display. The 95 inch long planks add to the stately design and draw the eyes along every inch each panel. With an uncommon allure and the Viking spirit of wilderness and exploration; a rustic beauty that brings the outdoors to any room is at your disposal.

A solid hardwood floor's plank width and color greatly influence the design effects you wish to achieve. Each of these bright choices is ideal for rooms with large windows that let natural light cascade over the broad planks. Scandinavian Naturals Ash Gotland is the most neutral shade of these hardwood floors. Dark and light brown accents dot the planks for a charming allure that invites visitors to stay for awhile. Rustic wood furniture in various species is the ideal complement to this shade in modern designs with solid colors, such as white dressers or tan drapes.

For a similar effect with a different pattern and grain; look to Naturals Ash Kalmar for a simpler but more stately feel in open concept living rooms, master bedrooms and front spaces. Meanwhile, Beech Viborg has a matte finish that shows nicely in bedrooms or living rooms with large bay windows. You can punctuate or underscore this effect with light or dark colors that match the overall décor scheme.

The 5/8” thickness is more resistant to moisture damage and also stains or scratches. Compared to thinner varieties of hardwood floors; this lineup reduces the noise from foot traffic, such as buckling or creaking. We are happy to answer product questions and provide square footage

quotes. Please call us to buy Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals hardwood flooring.

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