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Tarkett Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base 4"

Tarkett Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base 4"
The Johnsonite/Tarkett rubber wall base is unmatched in its durability. This excellent companion to commercial flooring is resistant to scuffing, fading, cracking, and it will not shrink or separate from the wall. The rubber wall base provides a layer of protection that keeps commercial flooring and the walls around it looking in top shape for many years to come. Rubber is an excellent choice when it comes to wall base material. Rubber highly durable and extremely flexible. It is also a lot easier to clean. This allows for an installation process that is quick and easy, even around areas such as columns, corners, and curves. When it comes to design options, the Johnsonite/Tarkett rubber wall base comes in a range of 120 different colors to choose from.
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