Johnson Hardwood Pacific Coast

Johnson Hardwood Pacific Coast

Johnson Hardwood Pacific Coast hardwood flooring brings the beauty and expanse of the coast to any living space. You will see the charming effects of water, wind, sun and time in each of the 4 available colors. As engineered hardwood floors, this collection boast authentic aesthetics with a rugged design that will withstand years of foot traffic. A 6 1/2� width has a visually striking effect that reveals the grain patterns and random swirls found in popular species.

Meanwhile, a 1/2� thickness is resilient against moisture damage in nearly any home or office setting, even as kitchen floors. This versatility allows designers to meet separate tastes with a single lineup, which keeps remodeling projects on schedule and within budget. A manufacturer's warranty gives you further peace of mind that your hardwood floor will be underfoot for years to come.

An engineered hardwood floor's color and size affect the design setting you wish to achieve. With Pacific Coast Mojave AME�PCH16602 , you will enjoy the charming effects of ocean swept hardwoods that have been honed by the sun and wind. The dark brown tones have rich accents with alternating color splashes that are typically found only in nature.

Consider living rooms, master bedrooms and offices for this luxurious tone. For a more matte finish, look to Pacific Coast Klamath or Antelope, which each have dark tone in a more understated design.

Looking for radiant tones with the classic appeal of weather beaten hardwood floors? Pacific Coast Omak AME- PCH16601 sports a light brown shade that is well suited for rooms with large windows and nature inspired themes. The rich patterns closely match those created in solid hardwood surfaces with added durability. Front spaces, family rooms and bedrooms are each great landing spots for this model.

Please call us to order Johnson Hardwood Pacific Coast hardwood flooring. We will quote square footage and coordinate shipping.

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