Johnson Farmhouse Manor

Johnson Farmhouse Manor
The Johnson Farmhouse Manor collection combines innovative technology with the beauty of aged reclaimed wood. The innovative rigid core technology creates planks that are water-resistant and extremely durable. These floors can stand the test of time and hold up against everyday wear and tear.

Each plank is finished with a Urethane and Acrylic Bead finish. The Urethane finish gives flooring a layer of extreme durability and makes them easy to clean. All that is needed to maintain these floors is a simple regimen of sweeping and mopping.

These floors are Green Guard Gold certification requires lower total VOC emission levels to help ensure that products are safe for use in commercial spaces such as schools and healthcare facilities.

Planks come in a size of 7-1/8" wide and 48" in length. Each plank is 7.5 mm thick with a 0.5 mm wear layer for extra protection.

When it comes to installation, these planks can be installed on, above, or below grade. Installation can be done using the click system.

The collection comes with a Limited Lifetime Residential warranty and a 10 year Commercial warranty. On top of that the collection also comes with a Limited Lifetime Petproof warranty and a Limited Lifetime Waterproof warranty.

The Farmhouse Manor Collection

The Farmhouse Manor collection ranges from rustic browns to ashy, weathered greys. The collection is full of charming visuals that embody the appearance of rustic, aged, hardwood flooring. These floors are made to make a statement in a space.

When it comes to grey flooring, this collection offers some stunning options to choose from. Farmhouse Manor Briarcliff and Farmhouse Manor Iron Hill are both stunning white and grey flooring options. Farmhouse Manor Briarcliff is a blend of ashy whites, light greys, and mid-tone greys that blend together to create a floor that looks aged and weathered. Farmhouse Manor Iron Hill has an overall more muted appearance to it. The floor is a blend of dark greys and light, dusty greys with patches of white throughout.

The Farmhouse Manor collection also offers a variety of warm, chestnut tones. These floors give a space an aged feeling and make any area feel warm and inviting. Farmhouse Manor High Valley is a blend of warm browns, deep dark browns, and light blondes. This blends together to create a floor that has an overall antique feel to it. Farmhouse Manor Monticello is a light floor that makes a space feel more open, warm, and inviting. The floor is a blend of light browns, ashy greys, and warm, mid-tone browns. Farmhouse Manor Cairnwood is a blend of light greys, mid-tone browns, and warm, light browns. Farmhouse Manor New Haven has a slightly darker tone to it overall. This floor is a blend of light browns, blondes, and warm chestnut browns. With dark knots throughout, this floor has an overall aged and antique appearance to it.

For a more slightly distressed, weathered, and aged appearance, Farmhouse Manor Nightfall and Farmhouse Manor Oxmoor give a space a unique appearance. These floors are both weathered down and have an appearance to them that stands out in a space.

Farmhouse Manor Ardenwood is a blend of light whites and deep browns. This floor has an overall subdued appearance to it. It works well in a space as a mid-tone neutral flooring option.

Farmhouse Manor Glidden is a blend of ashy greys, whites, deep browns, and warm, light browns. The contrast of the colors creates a floor that has an overall unique blend to it and makes a statement in a space.

See something that would fit well in your space? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. To check out more collections from Johnson vinyl, click here.

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