Johnson Hardwood English Pub

Johnson Hardwood English Pub

Johnson Hardwood's English Pub flooring collection brings old-world charm and modern engineering together with style for any one of your living spaces. You can choose from 12 available hardwood floor colors that cross shade, pattern, and grain spectra for maximum flexibility.

With a broad 7.5-inch plank width, this series creates a striking effect in rooms of all sizes. Small spaces will seem bigger while larger rooms will feel more inviting. This collection touts random plank lengths that add to the authentic appeal this series exudes.

A hardwood floor's color and plank length will also affect the design setting you wish to achieve. Our product experts are happy to advise what models best meet your interior design needs.

Johnson English Pub's Cognac option is a luxurious shade with dark browns and bold blacks that project a solid, full-bodied feel. Living rooms, master bedrooms, and dining rooms are great landing spots for this stately choice. You can punctuate or understate the design effect with light or dark décor accents. For a slightly varied grain pattern in a similar shade, look to Applejack for criss-cross patterns appearing to be steeped in time.

Meanwhile, Pilsner lies at the other end of the color spectrum. The radiant light brown accents include rich grain patterns and random swirls that proudly showcases the natural attributes of the hickory hardwood species. As a subtler, more neutral color, you can install this model with confidence that the color will match future changes to interior décor schemes or overall design trends.

Timeworn greys and a distressed finish comprise the Moonshine color option, reminiscent of reclaimed wood reborn from the old clandestine stills deep in the wooded Appalachian Mountains. This shade pairs well with off-white furniture and black leather couches for maximum contrast that still retains a dampened, muted ambience. Stout is quite similar, only its emphasis on darker grey shades and a matte appearance makes it better suited for homes with a shabby-chic motif.

The Smoked Bourbon shade in this Johnson Hardwood collection is rich with deep red tones offset by brown and black wave patterns, ideal for home offices, dens, dining rooms, and anywhere a sense of seclusion is desired. Mahogany furnishings are a great pairing with this sleek, sultry floor covering. Shabby-chic designers will fall in love with the Rye option, as its sharp yet dusty mixture of greys, blacks, and browns create a bold rustic look reminiscent of its namesake spirit.

Amber Ale exudes golden brown tones lightly dusted with hints of red, giving any living space a more traditional, time-tested feel to it. Master bedrooms and living rooms with wood furnishings are aesthetically enhanced with the chic finish from this choice.

You can rest easy knowing that a full manufacturer's warranty will protect your design investment for years to come. Contractors can choose from glue, nail, staple, or float installations to meet separate client needs.

Please call us at 510-698-5142 to order Johnson Hardwood English Pub flooring. We will quote square footage, shipping, and answer any questions you may have.

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