Interceramic Sunwood Pro

Interceramic Sunwood Pro
The Interceramic Sunwood Pro collection captures all the best qualities of rustic hardwood in a glazed tile format, giving you an unmatched, stunning flooring design option. As a rendition of the best of the best fused with the concept of ceramic flooring, youre getting a look that will be hard to beat, especially with the easy upkeep of ceramic flooring.

So what does the best of the best of hardwood flooring look like? This selection offers 3 handsome hues that will be difficult to turn down. The Interceramic Sunwood Pro Centennial Gray for example is rich chocolate brown hue with grey overlay made of grey graining and staining, giving this handsome wood-like flooring a charming, antiqued look inspired by wood aging gracefully. Similarly Legend Beige is a light chocolate brown with grey graining spreading across the plank, creating the look of wood beginning to age but not as far along in the process like its Centennial Grey counterpart. Cowboy Brown is inspired by the classic dark hardwood composed of dark brown staining, graining, and knotting. This design carries the least aged appearance but continues to capture the rustic charm of its counterparts, making it a great contender. Whichever color you choose, one of these 3 fabulous colors is sure to bring a seriously attractive look to your residential or commercial setting.

The Interceramic Sunwood Pro collection sizes up to 7x36 in size, giving you a rather wide plank. With a wider plank, you are able to see with ease the beauty of each individual plank. It also makes a great choice for larger space settings such as a living room or a dining room. Luckily as ceramic flooring, you dont have to worry about the hassle of having hardwood flooring, which can be very stressful.
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