Interceramic Amazonia

Interceramic Amazonia
Interceramic Amazonia Wood Look Porcelain Tile Flooring is an exciting new collection of wood grain tile inspired by the natural and exotic woods of the Amazon Rainforest � one of the most unique and spectacular Ecosystems on Earth. From that inspiration, this collection delivers � in essence � the same variety of beauty found in one of the world�s most diverse areas.

The variety of design capabilities within this collection come from the multiple colors and plank sizes offered, creating an array of options when planning for a new floor installation. The color palette consists of four exotic wood effect shades, the lightest of which is Amazonia Paraiba White, which is a whitewashed, light shade of grey, sure to brighten any commercial space, or even residential area. In Amazonia Porto Beige, a classic khaki color is the base for the neutral hue, which has dark wood grain features and is the most arguably the most natural looking in the series. Perhaps the most unique hue in the collection is Amazonia Bahia Grey, which has subtle wood features and certainly lives up to the exotic temperament of the collection. And last, but certainly not least, Amazonia Olba Brown is a rich, chocolate brown that challenges its Porto Beige counterpart as the most organic in its patterns and markings. The multitude of options continues with the collection�s tile sizes. This collection, recommended mostly for indoor commercial installations, is available in 11�x47 inch planks, 7�x47 inch planks, and still narrower 5�x47 inch planks � allowing for unique and original installation patterns and designs. Though this collection doesn�t come with trim or accessories, the three different plank sizes offer all the versatility you�ll need for this high quality, low cost flooring � which will also provide all the low maintenance properties and durability you expect from strong porcelain tile.

If there�s a residential or commercial space in need of an exotic makeover, Interceramic Amazonia Porcelain Tile Flooring is the perfect solution.

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